**** PROPOSAL**** RELAUNCH, REBRAND - Daily PAYOUTS in BTC! Let me show you how - Please read!

Hi everyone!

My team and I are prepared to move in and position Wonderland towards immediate prosperity. I believe we still have some amazing assets that can help us achieve stable and sustainable passive income strategies.

We’re not looking to change or save the world, but rather focus on success, through transparency and honesty to our fellow token hodlers. Full stop.

To achieve this, we will need to implement the following:

  1. Dani stays on as an advisor (no wallet access but we thank him for his tireless efforts)

  2. We disassociate ourselves the project name “Wonderland” (Forever tarnished)

  3. Implement real protocol based governance

  4. Divest ourselves from any inefficient projects and investments

  5. Convert to 1 single and stakeable token (No more wMemo, Time, Memo too much confusion)

  6. Focus on sound Defi Strats that consistently earn yield.

  7. Rebuild a new site that accurately reflects our new brand id but also has a killer UI dash that provides full up to the block-time accuracy of every major aspect of the project. Such as a full understanding of actual business transactions, hard assets, and the most important thing of all, the REAL Net Asset Value.

  8. Cut ourselves off from the symbiotic and toxic relation from Abracadabra. (I believe wonderland was almost designed for Abra to pick off trades - just a theory but it wouldn’t surprise me)

To do this, here’s a glipse:


A stable DEFI fund protocol designed for passive income generation and
hard asset ownership and management

What is the ASPIS-DAF?

The ASPIS DAF is the world’s first Decentralized Autonomous Fund protocol available on the Avalanche network based on the ASPIS Token. Each ASPIS token is backed by a basket of assets within the treasury giving it its intrinsic value that it should not fall below. ASPIS enables participants to partake in DAO governance and stake their tokens to earn rewards.

Our aim is to develop a streamlined trustless process for investors to have efficient, stable ownership, and exposure to exciting DeFi and real-world income-producing projects.

Treasury Strategy
Investment Channels

Our strategy will primarily focus on two types of investment mandates:

  • Digital Asset Purchases (50%)
  • Income Revenue Investments (50%)

Digital Asset Purchases The ASPIS DAF will make long term strategic investments in the following:

Investment Allocation
Bitcoin (BTC) 70%
Ethereum (ETH) 12%
Avalanche (AVAX) 5%
Terra Luna (LUNA) 5%
Cosmos (ATOM) 5%
Polkadot (DOT) 3%

(Digital Asset) - Allocation Thesis

Asset selection was based on a strong fundamental store of value, community growth, and network utility.

The allocation is assigned to adhere to the fund’s vision on long Bitcoin (BTC), and its function as a store of value. The remaining thirty percent (30%) allocation was designed in mind to allow the fund to have adequate exposure to the most developed and fastest growing protocols.

Income Revenue Investments This allocation will have the following sub-assignment investments:

Investment Allocation
DEFI Income Revenue Strategies 70%
Real World Asset Investments 30%

(DEFI) - Allocation Thesis
We intend on building a portfolio of DEFI revenue-generating strategies. Such strategies may include, staking, bonding, asset lending, and liquidity pool participation. Exact allocation and specific deployment of funds shall be determined at the time of execution by the ASPIS DAF Asset manager(s).

(Real World Asset Investments) – Allocation Thesis
The ASPIS DAO through the use of special trustees and entities, shall make investments in a variety of real-world assets that may include and may not be limited to the following:

  • Real Estate
  • Companies

All Real World Asset Investments and or purchases shall be presented to the applicable ASPIS sub-committee for investment soundness and TCBA (Treasury Cost-Benefit Analysis) review board. ASPIS shall ONLY make investments in established income-producing real-world assets.

We are prepared to work and are open to collaborating with anyone that can enrich and grow this opportunity.

A little background about us, we’ve been in crypto for a while now as our expertise also stems mostly from Fintech, Adtech, and Maritime industries. My background is data science, I have a few start-ups under my belt and can command and lead a rather agile team to help us succeed! Please consider us!

Thank you!


I wish you well in your new DAO, but no thank you.

Wonderland should first: learn and then endure.

Keeping it light: “This is the way”


I like your ideas, especially with real world asset allocation. I would put in

1)increased apy rewards for longer term stakers where you’d start with .1% per rebase and increase that to .2% after your first month, then .3%. if you withdraw, you reset your apy %. This would encourage holders.

2)48 hour locking period to avoid people sidestepping to game the system.

3)no buybacks and no leveraging.


Thank you ser! We’re very open in how we can all pool and build wealth together!

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How would you get this started?

Btw, I don’t see a reason to exclude Dani. He fucked up with the whole Sifu thing but the guy out so much into this. Its really sad to see it all come to this.


Thanks for your question.

  1. Perform a comprehensive audit of the project meaning tech and treasury. Immediately cut off any internal and external liabilities.

  2. Issue a well crafted press release through our hired communications director to calm the markets.

  3. Stabilize the treasury by keeping productive strtatgies working and cutting off the ones that are not.

  4. Delegate duties and responsibilities into specific business units: (Governance, Support, Infra etc)

We can make it work and we can stop the bleeding here.


This is why I would love to still keep him on as an advisor only to the project. However, we need to also keep things in perspective in that his lack of judgment was a catastrophic detriment to the project. And like all things, he too can still be a positive asset to the project under the appropriate capacity.

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Thanks for the proposal, seems competent, professional, and provides stability in a very turbulent time
‘and the most important thing of all, the REAL Net Asset Value.’, I presume you’ve had a deep look into treasury- in your view what is the current REAL Net Asset Value

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Hey, thanks for your post! What do you mean by “lack of judgment”?

Hi and thanks for reading my proposal. I also appreciate you bringing this to everyone’s attention.

So yes, I was questioning the health of the treasury in that the price of the token at the time relative to what was purported in the treasury was indeed suspect. What do i mean by this? Well, the market knows how to accurately value and price the share of a company or in this case our DAO. I began to dig deeper into the financials when I started noticing that the price of Memo, wMemo, TIme was slowly bleeding downward daily even during non-turbulent times.

And so, we actually went through all the line items and removed assets that we’re circular referencing the treasury back. Things like, (Time, wMemo). These assets were actually included on the new fund page. The second item that caught our eye was how they included as credit their debt + leveraged positions. These two line items almost had a 1:1 ratio so we crossed those out as well.

The final calculation for the true NAV was approximately 45-50% below what was reported.

At the time, we calculated the true figure to be $387,334,355,02.

BSGG $78,677,685.43
WETH.E $19,925,140.86
MIM-AVAX $18,153,409.51
MIM-ETH $10,720,358.99
MIM-FTM $6,591,192.20
FTM $5,685,609.67
SUSHI $4,605,055.00
ICE $2,613,000.00
USDT-ETH $406,990.32
CVX $241,486.00
CRV $214,211.86
SPELL $115,994.09
SPELL $84,755.93
JOE $25,263.35
USDT-AVAX $1,773.15
DYP $0.29
GURU $0.16
AVAX $0.00
NRCH $0.00
TOTAL 1 $148,061,926.81 Available Cash
Value without Wonderland Asset
MIM-WAVAX 150,137,991.40
WMEMO-MIM* $88,401,604.13 $44,200,802.07
MIM-ETH $20,082,492.00
WBTC-WETH $12,583,738.19
SPELL, ABBRA,ETH $8,233,140.86
MIM-TIME* $8,066,543.18 $4,033,271.59
TOTAL 2 $239,272,428.21

Hi there and thanks for reading my proposal.

I believe Dani has an incredible mind for creating amazing ideas. However, the project seriously lacked proper controls, safety guards, and adequate active management.

The obvious fact that he knew 1 month ago regarding Sifu’s past as a convicted felon and chose to still keep him on is just completely inexcusable. That’s just one example of poor judgment.

Then of course he and sifu made many reactionary sensitive statements about the project to try and control the price action is also something that should have been taken with better care. I hope that answers your question.


Thank you for your interesting proposal Mikebcity.
Would you and your team be available to be fully be doxed and to share with the wonderland investors your investment and professional experience? After what we have experienced, if this project has to go forward, it must happen based on transparency and solid experience.

We would be open to the idea of being doxxed through first through a bonafide third-party auditor in the event of any malfeasance. Our position here would be to build and deliver transparent management and assign director roles and responsibilities to each of our primary core businesses.

– Some additional thoughts

Wonderland was never a DAO and it never gave the impression that was ever going to change. Poor decisions in execution and communication were unilaterally made. So many opportunities were missed to adequately stabilize the project. We have a small window of an opportunity to make this work.


Hi Mike,

It is a well put together strategy for the treasury and how to manage funds; however, for me this continues the overall issue in crypto (especially DeFi).

I’m going to be extremely direct because it is what the space needs.

Not once has this project ever acted like a business. People should not fool themselves, DAOs are businesses, they offer more inclusiveness to the public due to the accessibility, but it is a business all the same. With the sole focus on pressing creativity/innovation and not building the business, many crypto startups are experiencing everything that all new sectors felt in the beginning, failure at the cost of creation. If you look back through sectors that experienced this in the last 30-40~ years they all have the same outcome, the first operation to structure like a real business was the most successful and took over the space.

For all of you who have turned around a business or established entities ground up that had continued success YoY, know the model must be set up first. Anyone can run a hamburger stand for a while and that is what these DAOs are, except with way more money creating an even more dangerous pool of results. Delegating duties into specific business units is not creating a business, it is a mitigatory resolution to continue innovation.

I’m going to assume everyone in Wonderland wants the protocol to be world class with world class results. This takes a lot of uncommon skill that is developed by lots of uncommon practice and you only get that with uncommon commitment.

What is your commitment? To your team, to your stakeholders, to the space?
What does your commitment aim to provide?
Where does your commitment expect to go?
How are you going to implement your commitment?
What are the mechanics behind sustaining your commitment?

Wonderland recently had a treasury of 1bn $ with no true commitments. Great creation and innovation, but no commitments. They must be written down and communicated such that everyone can be held accountable. Not by others, but accountable to themselves. If you can not be accountable to yourself, there is no reason to even think about the team or stakeholders or creating other avenues for investment.

Until devs start to bring people on board who understand how to build a business, DAOs/projects are going to continue to put themselves into these unfortunate situations. I have these discussions all the time with devs, just because you super smart and know how to code, it doesn’t make you viable at running a business. In most cases, it does the opposite.

So I ask you, what is your commitment and how do you plan to keep them?

Thanks Mike + All the best.


I don’t like turning down seemingly good ideas, but I just think there is too much of a mess at the moment, we need to fix what little we have left before even looking at another change.

You see and as I am sure you already are aware, and I speak as a long term investor in Wonderland, we initially involved ourselves in a project that once understood seemed like a really promising one.
The issue was and still is, from the outset the white paper the single most important thing that defines who ‘we’ are and our roadmap, was never updated in the way it should be. Then once we finally figured out our own roadmap, it changed and was constantly changing on a whim.
One minute we were doing something and the next minute something else. What should have been simple as buying a TIME token and staking as MEMO, became a question of do we need to wrap it as wMEMO? then the whole taxation argument reared it’s ugly head.
We ended up with people across the globe investing in something they had no real idea about, people getting their metamask wallets emptied, people wrapping MEMO and not knowing why, people sending tokens to the wrong blockchain and a little bit of a mess really.
This coupled with the leveraging which I admit I took a small advantage of, that when people over leveraged which should never been allowed to happen caused huge swings in liquidation.
Then we had buyback that had to be manually initiated, but were either late or in the case that when the sifu news came out, stopped all together.
My issue with renaming Wonderland is that whilst heavily tarnished at the moment, it is known. I don’t have a problem with getting rid of the current token names as it all seems a little OTT, but we have an eco system and a project with very real potential.

What we need it direction, leadership and properly controlled management with a doxxed team. In addition we need social media pages, profiles, tutorials, YT page with proper content, with mods and admins who aren’t children where the block people and ban people for saying anything negative which if your an investor is suicide as you are biting the hand that feeds you.

Dani needs a PA, who can translate whatever he wants to say into something meaningful and professional, using the right language and grammar.

Lastly and most of all, we have a decimated bunch of investors here who are 90% down, yes some through their own stupidity and some who genuinely got done over through no fault of their own. I truly feel this needs to come first, or there is no hope moving forward.

Now if you can apply the same proposal and integrate it into Wonderland then I would be willing to listen and even help get a solid proposal in place with you guys and I’d do it for nothing at all. Because in the end we will all benefit from it.
We need a clear road map for future mergers and investment of the treasury, that will only be approved on by a vote of the DAO. No chopping and changing, no more stupid ideas like Calculators that show unrealistic wealth creation or how many Lambos you can buy in a year. I want financial reports generated each quarter that are shared to the DAO so we know how we are doing, with charts showing the profit/loss of each investment, and encouragement for the community that no matter how much of the token they hold can have a proper say, whether it be in a good idea or proposal, not just a case of well I have 1 TIME and the other guy has 1000 TIME so his vote counts more.
But it is important to say and please don’t take offense, but there would have to be a collective effort, we would need to bring in other parties in addition to yourselves, there needs to be diversification in case something goes wrong. And lastly, risk management, this is so so important not only because it’s crypto or handling peoples money but because if something were to pop up like Sifus background, who is going to manage the fall out and mitigate it so it doesn’t cause the whole project to fall on its arse again.

That is what will make the difference and get us out of this mess we are in.


Thank you for sharing your thoughts, and too, I was a long-time investor. With that said, the present DAO wholly missed the mark.

As for doxxing, I’ve answered that in my previous comment, but regarding moving forward, the best strategy is to immediately secure the treasury, install sound management and enhance existing business as our initial path forward. We can do this from day one. From there, and with proper execution and communication, we can begin our brand new road map towards proven capital deployments that generate additional direct revenue for our investors.

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Hi and thank you for your thoughtful response.

Our group is and would be willing to commit to performance audits. In addition, upon installing the structure, applicable oversight committees would be in place to oversee our work and ensure transparent execution.

And as far as our commitment to the project, it would be a full-time job for us all subject to removal in the event we fail to meet our milestone expectations.

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I don’t agree nor disagree, but at least is a serious and elaborated proposal, cheers

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I know nothing about you to provide you support. What makes you and the team any different than what we had previously if you and the team aren’t being doxxed prior to community discussion and a subsequent vote. That’s like giving you my children to watch without knowing who you are and your certifications. For all I know you are a convicted criminal just like what we had.

If you’re not willing to get doxxed first before any vote and community discussion, then I wouldn’t be able support your proposal. Without being doxxed first, it looks as though you are making a cash grab on the treasury.