[Proposal] Siam Kidd for next Treasury Manager

Hello frogs, :frog: :fist:

Former treasury manager, Sifu, is gone for good.
We have to look now for a new treasurer.

I suggest to approach Siam Kidd who already have shown interest for the position.

The only reason some of us hate this guy is because he knows how to make money and he was doing exactly that using wonderland. Imagine having him making money for us, not against us.

Siam Kidd is a Currency Trader / Investor / Educator / Entrepreneur. He has spoken at many Keynote events, most notably at TEDx Norwich & Expert Empires in London. He is fully doxxed and a hell of trader and manager.

Siam Kidd’s Wonderland Proposals

  1. Adopt the management structure of Space X. Elon is the figure head and head engineer, but he is largely removed from the ops/logistics behind it. It’s the COO Gwynne Shotwell that basically runs the show. So I think Dani should continue being him and doing what he does as he’s brilliant from a tokenomic standpoint, but Wonderland needs a Gwynne Shotwell to make things slick. Basic things like the PR, message, team to investor comms etc etc.

  2. Following on from that point, it’s Dani’s ecosystem and train set. He’s the one with the clout and the credibility. He needs to be the treasurer. Getting suits in is a no go in my book. Before you know it, it’ll be suit central and we’ll be like a generic hedge fund. The reason Wonderland did so well is that it was doing things in a rather unconventional way. If you want a suit run investment, you’d just go to Goldman etc.

  3. Screw the APY bollocks. It’s total BS. Always has been. It’s just a flame to attract us moths and moths get burned! We need to flip to a profit sharing model effective immediately that’s paid out on a calendar month basis. So if Wonderland makes $100m profit in February for example, then $100m is distributed to token holders based on their percentage ownership of Wonderland. Simple. Then Wonderland can do its thing and go out and continually acquire cashflowing assets.

  4. Volatility dampener: In order to be eligible for these monthly pay outs you will have had to held the token for a full 30 days. This will massively reduce trading and selling. Especially when profits get bigger.

  5. Super important that Wonderland doesn’t follow traditional VC methods. With VCs you invest in a big basket of punts knowing that most will die but a couple will boom. ROI is then normally deferred for YEARS! Normally during an IPO or exit. Wonderland needs cashflow ASAP…not in 5 years. This will filter out a lot of investments.

  6. Kill wMEMO. The chart is a bag of balls now. Start V2 of Wonderland with a fresh token with a FIXED max supply with periodic token burning events. This will create a natural inherent buoyant pressure in the price. Combined with the cashflow, the price will moon.

  7. Team needs to dox themselves or bugger off. There’s zero legitimate reason to be anonymous in this type of project. Got nothing to hide, don’t hide. Frog nation aren’t criminals. We aren’t trying to compete with the US Dollar or SWIFT or the Dollar Payment Network so the team has nothing to worry about.

  8. Regular monthly 3rd party audits. Really simple folks. This is nothing new. Any financial firm does this…

  9. For shits n giggles, perhaps apportion 1-5% of the treasury into a mini hedge fund where they give vetted, checked, doxxed, verified traders $10-20m to trade and make deals with. Can easily spin off these into separate Ltds with a strict chinese wall, so if anyone screws up there wouldn’t be any splash back on Wonderland. I’d be up for that :-p

  10. MAKE LEVERAGE INOPERATIVE for this new token! Degens will lever up no matter how many times they get burned and no matter how many times you tell them not to. What actually happens is that once one gets burned, they then lever up even more to try and win back the losses. Downwards spiral of doom. Levered assets also then put a target on our backs for big bad actors to carry out deleveraging events/attacks. Just like we’ve now experienced.

  11. Actually buy or build a GOOD game. All the play to earn games in crypto SUCK! It’s 2022 yet all the game graphics are shit and it’s like playing with a Tamagotchi all over again. Seriously, with this treasury, you could easily head hunt all the key players from big game houses like Activision etc to build an actual game people would like to play. Like CoD/Fortnite/Battlefield etc. And the XP players earn in game would be an actual token with real world value. COD XP is worthless in the real world. Make an awesome game where people can actually earn money and you’ll gobble up a couple hundred million users ASAP!

  12. IF we go down this route, we must avoid at all costs the TERRIBLE tokenomics that Axie Infinity have. Been saying this for multiple months. In Axie, people earn SLP. They then immediately sell SLP into USDT or ETH. But because SLP has terrible tokenomics and there is ZERO buying vector, the price will forever crash. It’s so obvious that I’m really surprised they did that…just look at the SLP/ETH chart or SLP/USDT chart and you’ll see what I mean.

  13. Wonderland needs to actually hire a team of Mergers & Acquisitions practitioners. Not traders. Preferably those with Crypto experience as well as M&A experience. I’ve done M&A for 7 years now and screwed up so many times. But even so, you only need one good deal to knock it out of the park.

  14. Stick to clear deadlines. This will eradicate the billions of discord messages of “when airdrop betswap?!?!?!” It clogs up the server and it’s wasted energy for everyone.

  15. Implement anti-robot wallet detection technology.

  16. Really focus on having super deep liquidity. Even when wMEMO was alright, $250m liquidity was still super low.

  17. DO NOT reimburse liquidated wallets. We shouldn’t have to bail out greedy smooth brains.

  18. Merge Abra, Popsicle and Wonderland. There are conflicts of interest here at the moment. Liquidations are profitable for Abra, but not for Wonderland etc etc.

Twitter Updates

Video Updates

  • Siam Kidd about Wonderland situation and him as CFO
  • Siam Kidd’s Response to becoming Wonderland CFO

About Siam Kidd

  • Yes, Siam Kidd for treasury manager.
  • No, we should look for someone else.
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Yes! His Youtube Channel is excellent as well https://www.youtube.com/c/SiamKiddTheRealisticTrader


No. He won’t do any good to the project. Just because he can sidestep does not make him the right person for the job. There are a multitude of other people I’d rather see in the position.


Literally came in here to make this proposal. Siam will help us build back credibility in a flash. He’s balanced and has the experience for this role.


He’s probably most capable of the most guys out there.


He knows what he is doing at least and is clear and open.


Well, I think he would handle it really well. I like him.


Siam would do wonders for wonderland :+1: He doesn’t believe in leverage, so it would also mean Wonderland treasury would be more safe. We wouldn’t have to worry about him getting liquidated :joy:


Fully support this idea and would restore my faith in the project


Siam Kidd is honest. He does what he tells, in other words, he puts the money where his mouth is. He respects his community, so he will respect the frogs. Whenever he sidesteps he does it to protect the capital - I bet he is going to protect treasury with that attitude. And he lets his team to sidestep first - He even lost money to let people get profits. Look at his YouTube channel - he speaks about it. He understands the macroeconomics, which is vital to make profitable decisions. I bet he’s got a very high IQ. Totally for it.


He is up beat and cheerful. He could help Dani who is clearly in a depressed slump.

It won’t take a lot to turn the project around and bring the value back up to what we had a few weeks ago.

If he does a decent job, the project will fly.

Thank God that Sifu is out!!! What a horrible decision to keep that disgusting creature in the project. Physiognomy is real.


Agreed. I think he would be a great fit.


Siam is honest and decent with a deep understanding of this field :+1:


He is a tremendous self publicist. His confidence would massively boost the price. It is just what we need right now. It will be best for people who want a good exit as well as people who look longer term.


I think this proposal should be combined with my proposal: https://dao.wonderland.money/t/dao-discussion-establish-an-independent-feeder-fund-to-reduce-risk-and-improve-dao-management-reporting

I propose a combination of Siam Kidd and myself to manage this, fostering a partnership that focuses on all aspects of cleaning up the management of the treasury and DAO. I do not believe any one individual by themselves is the best path forward here, and for the scale of Wonderland, there are more benefits we can realize by allowing multiple thought patterns to coexist.


This neeeeeds to happen!!!


Let’s make this discussion viral and make it happen frogs. Share it in the frog nation’s ponds.


This would be a nice boost of confidence in this project. Can’t think of anyone else out there who could actually do it. No one Dani puts forth can be trusted as Dani himself can’t be. So bringing in Siam would be awesome. Make Siam face of frog nation and let Dani come up with his ideas in the background.


Yes 100%.

In Siam’s videos he seems very competent, he recently did a video where he gave his thoughts on being the wonderland treasury manager and what he would want if it did happen, such as having everyone on the team doxxed as he doesn’t want to work with anonymous people, which I think is fair enough, especially with the amount of money involved. Here’s the video anyway, worth a watch: What the hell just happened with Wonderland!? - 27 Jan 22 - YouTube

I think he could turn Wonderland around, it would definitely instil more confidence in the project in my opinion.


I can get behind this would boost my faith