Proposal to be transferred to the snapshot - PAY BACK THE HOLDERS

The purpose of this proposal is:
Treasury shall be frozen to pay back Initial Investment of TIME/wMEMO/MEMO holders

If you agree type YES!

A pool, which is the follow up of the first discussion from Arjo:

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do you even understand what you said? you said there is more than enough money in the treasury to pay everyone more than 40k while 40k is the amount of money with which they can buy every token and be depleted… you should have to have an iq above 120 to make proposals…

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Yes, we all understand there’s risk in terms of investment. Market volatility is understandable.
However, this is not the case. Then why the long-term holders are intitled to their initial investment?

  1. The founder and development team admitted that this OHM Fork Wonderland project was an experiment failure because the original purpose of the project was mainly for fund raising. The high APY was designed as a gamification to attract investors to build the treasury not sustainable long-term.

  2. The treasury was derived from the long-term holder’s contributions (initial investment) .

  3. They are intitled to receive their initial contributions because Wonderland project no longer can fulfill its original promise but simply a gamification for falsely infeasible long-term hope.

Therefore, the early adopters are intitled to claim their initial investment and no reason to absorb the loss due to project errors.


nobody will get their initial investment back through this option. most early birds will receive a fraction of it and the arbitrage whales will receive a nice bonus. this option is actively shitting in the face of early adopters.

I think the reason why you are irritated probably because you are not the long term holder so you can’t ampathiz their position.

We all need to learn to respect different voice and reasoning and work as a community of FrogNation.

Thank you and have a good day!

Initial investment means the date you purchased.

If the whales were not early adopters, they will receive what they are intitled to based on purchased date, no more no less.

seems like you misunderstood the proposal. i am a longterm holder and the proposal means everyone gets paid the same. e.g. whales who bought in the last week double their investment and long term holders lose 80%.

Why would I only want my money back, I got in early, I didn’t WRAP, but I still have over my investment, surely, if anyone got in very early, they should have at least their investment. Also, an investment is a gamble, if you lost…well, that is the nature of gambling

It has been discussed that the definition of initial investment was based on purchased date price.

Again, if the whales or anyone who were not early adopters will receive what they are intitled to based on purchased date accordingly, no more no less.

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so you too dont realize that backing price at 40k means that they can buy every coin in circulation at 40k. the proposal OP says that they could pay more, when by definition they cant. this is one of the reasons why DAOs dont work. people are too fucking stupid to understand basic logic principles and cant do basic math either.

well, on purchase date, I would be down, now that f***ing sucks, because I am a long term investor. I am winning, you are losing, not my problem

So, may I ask why you bought in, if the basic logic principles of math, didn’t work? Were you too stupid to understand that, did one of your friends explained it to you? Were you not understanding that it was a Gamble? were you too stupid for that? many questions could be aimed here, but I think, everyone that buy’s, knows investments are a gamble, some you win, some you lose.

what are you even talking about? im explaining the backing price… so what does your ramble have to do with the backing price?

well, I know what the fucking backing price means, you tried to make me out to be stupid, so I just asked a few simple questions. The backing price changes all the time, it don’t stay fixed, as you should well know

dude i have literally no idea what you are talking about. i was simply explaining to the other idiot here that backing price at 40k means they can buy every coin in circulation at 40k. the proposals says they could buy them for more, which is by definition incorrect. so what is your stupid ass talking about?

enjoy your losses, and don’t be bitter, it was a gamble, if you have lost, learn.

rofl. you have no idea what you are talking about yourself

so, when did you buy in? what price was TIME at? how many do you have now? I bought in for 0.5 TIME, when it was around $3k, around August last year, I now have nearly 6, why should I just get my money back? I would prefer to continue to invest, interest rate continues, I double the 6 to 12 in 38 days

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i guess you are too angry to realize but we are on the same side. i am against rage quit / winding down.

No anger here at all, I just don’t want to see Wonderland depleted by losers, I feel they should not be offered their monies back, it is a gamble. I have seen backing for TIME an awful lot higher than it is now. The math when I bought in, said I would be a Millionaire within a year…lol. Now I never, ever believed that, but only invested what I could afford to lose. If anyone invested more than they could afford to lose, on a gamble, then why the hell should they get their money back? it would not happen at the bookies…