Re-opening Migrations

[DAO Discussion] Re-Opening Migrations to be fair and continue the WAGMI attitude


TO reopen migrations and grow the community

High Level Details:

WAGMI- plan and simple. Some of us missed the migration timeframe but were part of funding the initial treasury. Life happens, migration should be reopened, which will strengthen the community.

Low Level Details:
I know I missed the boat and I own that. However, I invested a lot of money, as did others, into Memo years ago and should not be left behind just because we missed the migration. Memo was supposed to be set and forget if you wanted it to be.


tbh … I’m surprised a few certain “members” haven’t already replied with the “Wagmi gave less time for migration so Volta is actually better” argument.

To this expect to hear that “things change fast in crypto and especially with a DAO so you should regularly check your investments!!” But there is no incentive for anyone currently WITH A VOTE to endorse/support/sponsor a ‘motion’ to allow tens of thousands of “missed migrators” in to the special Time club.
This is somehow an anti-crypto … because every other project (in crytpo / stocks / resources) grows in value when more people want to get IN on said project.
Maybe that is the point though. It’s why the original MAX supply (of Volta) was to be 1million coins but now … having left out so many people it is barely a QUARTER of that amount - around 250,000!!

I also missed the migration and still have WMEMO. After the very confusing 3-token system, holders should have another chance and more time to migrate their tokens to VOLTA.

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They absolutely should but you’ve heard the reasons … “the DAO voted”, “it was a valid CMP” (sponsored by the visionary … but yeah), “multi-chain hack was a security risk” – though it was clearly stated by mods & team members that MANUAL MIGRATRATIONS removed the risk.
The multi-sig would protect the DAO if there was a successful vote to liquidate and give all the money to a charity or whatever beneficiary … but “protect the DAO” is interesting because the DAO is ALL the holders. All the holders of … what?

I still have my wmemo and wish to migrate them. You should reopen for a certain time for the people that missed or were confused in all this events that happened.

No one has the power to reopen migration unless a proposal is voted on and passed to reopen it.

Consider spreading the word of Community Proposal: Enhanced Migration Incentives for wMEMO to VOLTA Conversion - #5 by eloncoin_admin

I think this could be a solution to reopening migration once again. With incentives.

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