[RFC] - Continued Treasury Management by Sifu

[RFC ] - Continued Treasury Management by Sifu:

  • Keep Sifu in his current role
  • Replace Sifu as treasurer

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[RFC] - Continued Treasury Management by Sifu

Sifu has continuously used his experience and expertise to push the protocol forward, grow the treasury and craft plans to increase the longevity of the protocol. This proposal is an opportunity for the community to decide whether Sifu should continue to incorporate his ideas and vision of Wonderland and manage the treasury with oversight of the multisig or if Sifu should be replaced.

Link to previous [DAO Discussion]:
[DAO Discussion] - Continued Treasury Management by Sifu

Allow the DAO to make the decision if treasury management needs to be changed.

Provide a High Level Overview:
The treasury is the foundation of Wonderland and with its nearly $2B USD valuation it becomes a powerful tool to benefit from DeFi opportunities, acquisitions, product launches and liquidity provisioning.
Sifu has been extremely professional and competent in guiding the protocol and managing the treasury.
By continuing to give Sifu full autonomy over changes to code and treasury management, the long term roadmap and the strategy around the treasury remains intact.

Provide Low Level Details:
Sifu is the co founder of Wonderland and has played a significant role in growing the community, protocol and treasury. With the oversight of the multisig, Sifu was able to persistently identify high value stablecoin farms throughout the ecosystem. Recent decisions on switching TIME/AVAX pairs to TIME/MIM has helped secure profits as well as continue to keep liquidity for the TIME pair high. Additionally, Sifu has managed to lock voting power for the recent CVX purchase at more than double the APR that everyone else would be receiving, working hand in hand with the overall stablecoin farming strategy.

Business and/or technical requirements of the implementation of the proposal:
Keeping Sifu maintains the status quo and no changes need to be made.
If a replacement is desired, a transitory period needs to be announced which focuses on obtaining new candidates for the community to vote on.

The community sentiment of the [DAO Discussion] - Continued Treasury Management by Sifu is overwhelmingly positive. We are looking to move the RFC towards a WIP within the next day.


100% yes
This is a no brainer


Sifu rocks, not even really up for debate imho


why is this even a proposal? can people not see how well hes managing the treasury compared to other protocols??


Sifu is the best!!!


The questions around Sifu are less about their skill as a Treasury Manager but more around the ethics of compensation.

IMO Sifu has proven to be a skilled Treasury Manager, however the compensation and token selling cadence should have some structure to give transparency and clarity to the community.


Fully agree with @seerock, that’s the whole point. :100:


If Sifu can help Po become the dragon warrior, Sifu can help us get Lambos!


The Ip Man of our treasury


I’m confused about what Sifu did to warrant this measure. Is there any insight into that?

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I applaud you for using the Dragon Warrior, Po, in this thread. Kudos!

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Glad to see the Founders of Wonderland continue to run it. :slight_smile:


that’s exactly it @seerock

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Agreed entirely with this

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He is doing a great job and has the community foremost in his work ethic and decision making


would like to know those people who are voting no on this. stupid thing to even ask !

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transparency and clarity, totally agree with that @seerock :handshake:

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Thank you Sifu! Just wanted to show some gratitude.

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Sifu is always active in discord to explain any treasury investments. And the things he’s been doing have worked out great! The people spreading FUD about him are just trying to bring the price down so they can buy in cheaper.
I vote yes, no question about it!


Sifu has proven himself to be an exemplary manager of the treasury. He reacts fast to changing market opportunities and is very transparent, answering questions every day in the Discord. Wonderland wouldn’t be where it is without him. I vote yes and I encourage others to do the same.