[RFC] - MOD Compensation Amendment

[RFC] - MOD Compensation Amendment:


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Name: [RFC] - MOD Compensation Amendment

Scope: This RFC deals with an amendment to structure of Mod(s) pay including incentive and future payments.

Link to previous [DAO Discussion]: “[DAO Discussion] - MOD Compensation Amendment”

Objective: Amend structure of Mod Compensation to reward pervious performance and incentivize ongoing work done by the mod…

Provide a High Level Overview:
WIP for Mod Compensation had come and passed at the end of March.

Since this approval, the Mod Team has been essential to bring much needed change to the Wonderland community and governance structure. Despite the hurdles faced internally and horrific market conditions externally, I believe that they have been able to keep conditions here healthy enough to keep the project intact. I believe that they should be compensated beyond the contract - especially also in light that they had begun work in earnest in January. For this, I firmly believe as a retroactive and incentive compensation the MOD team should receive 75,000 USDC as a team.

Looking forward, the MOD team has significant work ahead and Wonderland depends on this. However, given the market conditions and overall global conditions for crypto - that a peace of mind is necessary. As such, I further propose that the MOD team get a prepayment for budget up to January 2023, consisting of mid August 2022 to mid Jan 2023 payments inclusive. This would be 150,000 USDC. (July will be paid on a regular cycle).

Distribution of these payments will be at the absolute full discretion of the lead Mod, Alice.

These Mod payments will not be deducted for the redemption value calculations reference in WIP 9.
(Not that MIM payment has been amended to USDC payments)

Provide Low Level Details: N/A

Business and/or technical requirements of the implementation of the proposal:
This would be a simple transfer of USDC on the AVAX chain to the address specified by Alice.

Since an RFC is a “work in progress” Proposal, not all of these points need to be filled out from the beginning. They can be added over time as the RFC evolves into a mature Proposal.


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They have not done anything yet! Horrible market and we are going to pay folks more to do nothing…come on man. Maybe after we see a turnaround in the markets then put this to a vote.

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This wouldn‘t change our pay, just changes where the funds are kept, they are still distributed monthly, directly by Alice.


This proposal should probably lead to a wider discussion of what the future should look like for Wonderland.

Currently if I’m honest, as far as I can tell Nal X and Alice are the only ones to truly add value in the current team besides Dani.

I think Nal in particular could do a lot more for Wonderland given the chance/with the right setup and that could be rewarded a lot more. He could then lead the team efficiently with the right prerogatives.

For the rest maybe let’s first get a sense of how many people will be redeeming.


From what I have seen the mod team has all been very active and contributing value. Are you maybe sticking to one topic area?


Isn’t it also wanting to pay the mods $75,000 for previous months?


Long time lurker, but had to make an account for this

Mmm this seems weird considering this was a volunteer job prior to the original vote to start paying. And the justification to pay was for the increased responsibilities starting with the passing of that proposal. So what are we retro paying for when those responsibilities didn’t exist? Sky wasn’t even that involved back in Jan

Prepaying an employee’s salary is silly. What job prepays it’s employees? There’s more then enough incentive to keep them onboard with the current monthly pay. And if any want to leave, we can hire and train new people. This isn’t brain surgery.

What if Wonderland dissolves in the 3 months? Are they going to return that money to the Treasury??

C’mon @TheSkyHopper. This doesn’t make any business sense

45 post in the discussion moved this to RFC?


If a business is failing, even if employees are worth a raise, the failing business can’t afford those raises, therefore employees have to do everything they can to help the business raise the requisite revenue the business needs to offer said raises. Just logical. Everyone involved in this project is making money except the investors. Let look at this again when the market turns around and our losses are cut to a mere 50% from the current 80%. I’m a long time hodler.


Good point. I don’t spend a ton of time in the Discord other than reading announcements and listening to AMAs, but let’s just remember that the mods don’t generate revenue in any way.

would it be fair to say, your perspective raises the concern, that the mods might be a little to siloed in their roles?

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There is no discussion about any kind of raise or payment in advance.
This is a discussion about the payments that never happened, in the past, while they should have and to allocate funds to Senior Moderator to handle the monthly payments instead the treasury directly, like it should have been, an allocated budget and get over with it.


We’re not a retail business selling stuff, our treasury is our community and our community is the heart of Wonderland. So mods are pretty much mending and taking care of the heart of Wonderland.


Totally agree with that , deano says yes


They weren’t paid in the past because it was voluntary. And their duties weren’t defined and responsibilities given to them till after the wage proposal. Mods even admitted in the previous proposal they couldn’t do a lot of what they wanted to do until after that proposal was passed.

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The heart of Wonderland? Our Treasury is the community? No the Treasury is a bunch of stable coins and other directional assets that are found in our crypto wallets.

What does that have to do with generating revenue and growing the backing price?

We are a business. The goal is to make money for investors.

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The treasury is made by token holders, token holders are the community. This is what I’m saying.

No, the treasury is literally NOT made by token holders. This is what the treasury is made up of

Each wMEMO holder is entitled to an X amount. I’m not entitled to another token holder. Seriously what are you talking about?

What would happen to the treasury and backing price of Wonderland if we were to delete the server today? Answer: Nothing. Each person’s holding will remain the same.

The fact that I keep seeing a couple of Discord mods liking your replies makes me think this a money grab more than anything. Back paying for things they weren’t doing prior to the vote. Prepaying salaries to “motivate” them. That’s nonsense.

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Yes, it will be main wallet waiting for distribution. So it could be returned at anytime.

You can find the requirements in the post below (heads up, they pretty much don’t exist):

The main delay for RFCs is that it normally takes more time for the RFC to be submitted. In this case, @TheSkyHopper did submit it pretty fast. I wasn’t satisfied with the level of engagement when he did so I didn’t approve it. After a couple hours, more people had commented and over 80% (excluding the mods) were in favor.

In my opinion, as per the framework, this suggest some support.

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If you want to come out with an accusation like this. I suggest stronger arguments than likes on a forum comments correcting information or about how the core of Wonderland is the community.

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