Outside of the macro impact around the crypto market, there appears to be a lot of people trading Wonderland to maximize profits during dips.

One proposal I have is whether we put an incentive structure for loyal holders that keep their money staked for to support stability in this eco-system. $JADE protocol airdropped rewards to those that held when the price plummeted.

In my opinion, a reasonable suggestion would be if those that hold 80-90% of their portfolio month by month over a 90-day period that there might be some additional incentive. Possibly airdrops, maybe lottery eligibility to a percentage of holders - this answer I don’t know but I think we should think about additional strategies to keep people loyal.

With that being said, of course, the APY returns should be incentive enough but there seem to be some clever whales taking advantage of the price movement. I’m also aware of the liquidations having an impact to the price and adding a little more concern to the holders.

Maybe the liquidation fees can be spread to the holders? I remember reading SIfu’s tweet that you plan to build something to beat the bots and redistribute it back to your holders. Possibly those could be loyalty rewards for holders?

I would love to hear from the community about this as I know this is might bring some stability back to the porject.

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In part, this makes sense, but on the other hand, each whale incurs transaction fees that go to our treasury when selling.

There are 2 situations, the increase in treasury and the redistribution of TIME.

The redistribution of TIME will lead to the whale having less voting rights to make certain changes etc.


Anyway, be careful of airdrop hunters


I like the idea of airdrops. Sifu also said something about few days ago. It will be great to have airdrops of the major defi project like crv, spell, avax etc. just holding time.
This could be, like you said, a sort of incentive to hold an less day or swing trade with a result of a more stable price.


Interesting and very fair point.

I do think that with less volatility and smaller movements. It will provide a lot more confidence in members to then want to MINT with confidence, helping to really diversify the treasury. Thoughts?

  1. JADE is made by the same team that already rugpulled twice. go look it out, the information is in plain sight.

  2. the whole purpose of the rebase we have now, is for people to preserve their % of total marketcap. We have hyperinflation, but at every rebase you are given a certain amount of memo in order for you to preserve your piece of the cake in the wonderland project. This way, when the apy phase is over and we will begin getting profits off of the treasury profits, you’ll get your fair amount based on how much you invested compared to other shareholders.
    If you start airdopping things to some people and not to others, this underlying idea starts falling apart, because then you’d have “A tier members” and “B tier ones”, that invested just as much in the project but are now getting less compared to other people.

Also, people who trade give us revenue through their fees, so it’s not a bad thing per se.

While you may want some form of price stability these days because the price has fallen and it hurts, volatility is also required in order for price to go up, or to maintain itself agains the 1.8% daily inflation we have.

Lastly, minters are a huge part in the game, as they increase backing price per time, increase the amount in treasury, and they are vested with a varying % of their assets for 5 days. Those people sell their time every 5 days just to buy it back, but the way you’re structuring your proposal, minters will always be out of the airdrop game and thus be disincentivized to Mint, which again, is crucial that people do so.

Sorry for my english :slight_smile:


I think A tier members should be considered. Those that are helping push the protocol forward are the ones keeping their money in the treasury right? One of the main purposes of OHM and these forks was to try and bring a more stable way of holding crypto especially to protect us against the bear market. I think a little airdrop strategy should help achieve it (to some extent).

For minters, after 5 days they’ll be eligible. Plus they have more confidence to mint because of the added stability. I know I want to mint personally myself to help keep $TIME moving forward as I possibly can. But I’m not confident in locking in my money just yet as a 10% downswing is too consistent right.

Yes of course it’s crypto and these swings come with the asset class. But again this is just an idea to adding more investor confidence imo.


If a 10% downswing scares you, what are you doing then? Selling? Selling low historically has not been the best strategy. Aand you’d lose your 30 days tier A citizen status. Aand you wouldn’t be (3,3) as I can feel that you want everyone else to do to have a sense of illusory safetiness (remember it’s the very frontier of defi you’re invested in, a project that Daniele himself calls an experiment. All of this inside the Crypto asset class that is already risky enough on its own).

Either that or you really are stronghanded, believe in the project. If that’s so, minting is not a problem at all, because you are not planning to sell anyway.

I’m a pretty big wallet in this project and would only benefit with airdrops, but let’s not be too greedy with a project that is already promising so much passive income.
And mostly, even tho I’d fall into this “A tier”, I really dislike the idea of dividing the community threatening to not give them airdrop/lower the apy/not give them as much if for some reason they need to sell because IRL happens, or they feel frisky and want to try and get more time via trading, or whatever, since after all it’s THEIR money we’re talking about. Everyone should be free to move his assets whenever he wants imo, without being punished for it.

The apy we have compared to a 0.5% per year given by banks should (and is) a big incentive by itself…we get more than that every 8 hours at the speed we’re going now.
Project has been out for 3 months now, and has traded in a nice range. (Relative) Stability will come with time, and once traders get more historical data for creating a decent TA. Plus we already have backing price as a surefire cushion and representing an incentive to buy even before that level.

As for the whales “rebase-hopping”, it probably won’t be a long lasting thing, since I’ve thought about that myself and I can assure you it’s not risk free and it’s a losing game most of the times:
you have to enter and exit 3+ not so liquid markets everyday, with a big amount of money and a 1% slippage on average on the way in and another 1% on the way out. You don’t know how many others are playing this game, so you don’t know how fast you need to be and if the $ value of the underlying asset will be the same in the 10 minutes range you’re in.
At best you’re losing just on the slippage, all for a 0.6% rebase in the case of TIME specifically.
Even if some people kept doing that for some reason that I cannot see myself,

  1. they’re giving us loads of fees that represent treasury revenue for everyone
  2. if it becomes a recurring theme that price dumps after every rebase, be sure that sooner than later you can count on me and many others to buy every “sure dip” every 8 hours lol

Having said all this, I understand your thoughts and respect them altho I disagree, because I see you’re trying to be constructive and I’m happy we have such active/smart members in this community.
Much love


I never sold a single TIME since I invested, and agree with you.


When you mint you add to the treasury and receive TIME. There’s no taking money out of the treasury once it’s in.

How would an airdrop achieve stability? How would the airdrop be paid for? I’m assuming through the treasury?

You’re in crypto and scared of a 10% downswing? A downswing is consistent with just about every crypto these past couple of weeks. And 10% is easily earned back via rebase in about 5 days.

The rebase should be enough imo. 10% every 5 days. Huge runway. Very high backing when compared to other projects. Daniele and Sifu at the helm; two guys with enough money they could retire and not work a day again, yet here they are slaving away.


I would just like to second this.


You make some great points. But let’s that get one thing out of the way. I’m not concerned about 10% swings, nor is this scenario about me as an individual. My concern is not to do with the swings, my concern is whether I mint or I stake. Seems there’s been confusion around the scenario I was trying to play out.

When you receive a 6-9% discount in TIME through minting, yet the price drops 10% or 15% in one day or five days, there’s usually a loss as you could have been staking the whole time right? That’s the scenario I’m putting forth. I believe people would feel more comfortable minting when the price volatility is a little more manageable.

Airdrops: (This is only one suggestion)
Right now people can trade all they want, and they still should be allowed to. It’s their money. Not suggesting locking any of the money they invest either. All this is saying, if you keep your money in we’ll give you a bonus. Right now the traders are manipulating the price as Rebase times come up - or they suspect market sentiment is going bearish.

If we’re able to counter it with something to bring a little more stability - then why not try it out? People put most of their money in the most stable projects and unless I’m missing something right now there’s been too much movement for what this protocol is set out to be. The incentives structure is a little easy to manipulate.

How will an airdrop be paid for? Think of this as a marketing tool - that will drive more investors. That will ultimately increase the treasury too.

Again, these are suggestions. I appreciate the feedback from everyone. So many great points. I love this project. I’m a big investor myself and I would love to see if there are other ideas out there around bringing stability back to this project.


it’s a good idea, i think it can make us become a :gem:holder

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Hard pass for me. I rather the treasury be used for future investments. We offer enough incentive with the rebase which has stayed consistent for the past 2 months since I’ve been here. And having Daniele (public face) and Sifu. Both are whales who have enough money and don’t even have to do this.

There is no price manipulation around rebases. People are spreading a lot of misinformation around this which mods and even Sifu have addressed multiple times in Discord. It’s not impacting long term stakers in anyway. Price movements around that time are small and temporary. The APY doesn’t change signaling that the wallets doing this are small fish compared to overall market cap.

Realize that the past 2 weeks have been bad for the ENTIRE crypto market. When the price of TIME was going up to $10k, people were still doing this silly rebase games, but that didn’t stop TIME. The overall crypto market is taking a pause. Once it starts another bull run, TIME will as well. But regardless, you are getting 10% every 5 days in TIME. If you believe in the project long term that’s all that matters. Not the USD value.


Sorry, either me or you don’t fully understand Minting.
the way I see it:
I get an 8% discount on time, sign the contract and ISTANTLY get 8% more time. say I jump from 10 to 10.8.
After that, every rebase I’m able to claim back 6.66% (or 20% daily) of what I invested, and stake it back
So what I’m getting is 8% + (20% of the amount invested rebased the 1st day, 40% of the whole thing rebasing the 2nd day…and so on. using some math, you see that you’re on average actually staking 50% of your capital if you are able to claim and stake before every rebase).

So it’s 8% on the spot (from 10 to 10.8) and then 50% of the 9.5% roi on 5 days that we currently have (10.8*1.0475=11.313 TIME) at the end of the 5 days vesting period.
Minus some fees, that are relevant or not depending on the amount of money you have in the game, but generally become negligible after a 5k+ investment.

While via staking you’d have 10*1.095=10.95 TIME at the end of the same period, if you “had been staking the whole time” as you put it.

No matter how the price fluctuates, you’ll end up having more time thus more value Minting.
That is, unless your intention is to not being locked up in the vesting period because you’d want to sell if there was some bearish volatility on the horizon.
No personal attack or anything here mate, we’re part of the same #FrogNation, I just hope I can help some future readers and possibly you have some clearer ideas.


this. so much this. Talking about a rebase hopping problem is wasting time. It’s not happening and if it was it would be beneficial, but I want people to understand why


I totally agree with liquidations problem. Some people say that Wonderland has two enemies: scammers and (9,9)ers. In some way 9,9 brings more liquidity to the market but it’s also responsible for huge panic sell-offs which are committed due to 5-10M liquidations. $sSPELL holders can benefit from them but ordinary (3,3) longterm holders can’t. There must be a way to improve it!

This is a different kind of problem that’s already being worked on by devs. I hope Sifu himself can give us more details on how he intends to avoid future liquidation cascades


I like this idea better than the lockup period suggestion. Rather have the carrot than the stick.
Also differentiates Wonderland from the multitudes of other DAOs. High APY by itself isn’t enough of an incentive these days as there are new DAOs popping up every day that offer significantly higher yields. I feel that offering incentives for long term holders can’t hurt Wonderland.


Just wanted to second this, great explanation and write up.