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Hello Fellow Time Holders!

Has anyone else been kicked from the Time Discord for no reason and cannot reach a mod? It happened to me and i am looking for a contact to ask what happened or how i can be re-added. Looks like I’m blocked and I am Not sure what happened as i hardly interact. i use it mostly for information and voice chat. Any help you all can provide will be much appreciated.


ya, that happens when you say anything other than dani and sifu are gods. did you do that?

I hardly do anything there which is why I’m confused. I just need a mod to contact. Hopefully someone sees this message on the forum.

You can also write direct messages over the forum, maybe try that. Could be just a mistake.

To who though? I don’t know any mods.

try 0xWicked, made the forum so can for sure point you to the right person. Alernatively create another discord account, join discord server and contact a mod from there? All I can think of tbh.

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Yep, I too got booted for no reason at all.

just do the same I suggested OP; not much chances you’ll have it sorted here

I’m exactly the same. I haven’t said anything wrong but can’t access anymore.

similar thing has just happened to me a couple days ago, I also rarely use it but get info’s from there. Did you manage to resolve it?

No I didn’t. I can’t send messages to Mods since I’m banned so I’m kind of stuck. Very disappointing.

User names and I’ll see what I can find out @AlexInWonderland @wonderlandMADMAN @LeeH76 @ripgd

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Thanks. LeeH76 is my username.

Working on it now friend

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good discord lol, even better financial advice

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@The-owl can you please look also mine cause I have same problem


Thanks :pray:

Yes!!! Thank you!!!

Discord server name ?

Hi owl, mine is DonnyN8162. I’ve tried many time but I keep getting “Unable to accept invite”

Hi my name is AlexInWonderland. We’re you able to get me back on?