VOTE on the community stance regarding RAGE QUIT option (MULTIPLE CHOICE)

Hi all

I think the community is split regarding the rage quit option. Therefore I present to you a poll regarding your opinion on the rage quit option. Keep in mind the vote is multiple choice, so if you are fine with multiple decision, you can choose them! Also keep in mind that 5 of the options is a “YES” to having the rage quit option and represents who will be able to rage quit. If you do not want the rage quit option, simply pick option 6. There will be a possibility to implement this in the Wonderland 2.0 proposal.
First liquidation event happened on 17th of January.
Second liquidation event happened on 25th of January.
BSGG snapshot was on the 10th of January.

  • Use the BSGG snapshot
  • People who bought before first liquidation event
  • People who bought before second liquidation event
  • January 28th (Just before unwind announcement)
  • Anyone holding wMemo now
  • No rage quit

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Rage quit should be an option for anyone and should always be open. This will keep treasury value and market value aligned with no spread over the long term and should quell any concerns about anyone’s ability to claim full value for their proportion owned in WMEMO…


But good sir, ragequit already IS an option! All you have to do is sell when the price of wMEMO reaches the point at which you are comfortable selling! I apologize, I am not for any measure that allows some people to make money at the treasury’s expense, ignoring the current market value of wMEMO. It would be great for people buying in now to get the treasury backing price, but I fail to see how that advantages long term holders and only see how it allows people to siphon value from the treasury.


I had some issue with the formatting, so I edited it. Apparently it restarted the vote, but only 5 votes were cast. I am really sorry for that.

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I do not disagree with you at all. I just need to confirm what the community wants so it can be used for Wonderland 2.0


Investors should always be allowed to get out. That was promised at the outset and encouraged many people to invest. Naturally, those who bought recently at a very low price should not be allowed to sell at the backing price. That should be reserved for longtime holders.

Could I suggest that you please rewrite your proposal giving dates for the liquidation events?

Is the BSGG snapshot the same as We need to know what we are voting for. Thanks!


Thank you, will correct it.

It is now in the text ser. Thank you for your feedback :slight_smile:

What does ‘ser’ mean?

You might need to add the “Sifu Gate” snapshot.

Also, I see in the online Rage Quit vote that only eMEMO is mentioned. Has everybody forgotten about TIME and MEMO holders?

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You can just wrap it for wMemo, should not be a problem

Yeah the only circumstance at which I could truly say this rage quit option makes sense is if long term holder get that option for a certain time period. I think maybe the BSGG snapshot date seems reasonable. Just a snapshot that excludes the arbitrageoooors. I think rage quit option also should just be available for a certain time period.

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That’s yet another transaction, but OK, thanks. Still waiting for the outcome before deciding. BTW, my assistant just said that you probably wanted to write ‘sir’, which is kind, but you don’t need to be so formal. Good luck with your poll.

Exactly, it’s should be for the long term holders only to try to get back what they invested and what they were promised. If it uses the BSGG 10th January snapshot date, then there is no need to limit the time period, as nobody can misuse the system anyway. Besides, if some are undecided then their funds remain invested for even longer, which is surely not bad for the platform.


Good point! Havent thought about that aspect tbh

Yes there are many different types of investors here including some trying to take advantage of the system. Some are small, some are large, some leveraged, some didn’t, some are short term, some long term, I could go on. However, those who got in early and even when to price was very high have lost a lot of money. Nobody can predict ATHs and it’s foolish to think that way.

If those investors only have a few dollars left, then they might consider waiting longer. But, if they have a considerable sum still invested, then they might want to cut their losses, but still recoup what they were promised.

Unfortunately, several people here have a myopic point of view and jump to conclusions, even being rude and asking the admin to ban posts which they personally don’t like.

Let’s hope we can be civil going forward. However, political correctness is mostly stupid, so we should still voice our opinions!

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Hello. Your request is reasonable but I am of the belief that this “rage quit” option would not be beneficial for the project. If wMEMO stays below backing many people can exploit the treasury by simply buying and rage quitting at backing value. It is a no brainer to buy a dollar at 60 cents.


I am not a fan of rage quit option either, but the community must be heard :slight_smile: Therefore the different snapshots to avoid such exploitations


This is not possible if we use an old snapshot. If u have 3 memo bought in junuary. And buy 3 more now. You will only be able to sell 3 at backing bechause that’s what’s in the snapshot.