We need Documentation my Goldfish could understand

I know its cool to be clever. Personally, I love that this project and Abra both share a sense of cartoonish cleverness, its a nice deviation in the field of finance. However, there comes a point where the cleverness needs to be put a side for a moment and we need to be so crystal clear about things, even my goldfish could understand it.

Let’s break down Wonderland and all its facets in such a way that we can create a Universally Understandable set of Documentation not just one an equally clever person can digest.

  1. We need writers to help generate examples and plot out written tutorials. If you want to join the adventure, drop a line here with your discord handle and we’ll reach out to bring you into the fold.

  2. We need artists who’d like to illustrate the docs and/or add some flavor to them. Same as with the writers, drop a line here with your discord handle and we’ll connect to talk about what assets we need and what you’d like to do.

  3. We need ideas regarding what needs to be changed in the docs and what needs to be added. Fill up your coffee cup and chill here for a while with the docs open, pick it apart and tell us what’s making your feel like a mad hatter. We’re all mad here, lets lay it all out in the comments.

This is where we start the process of making everything crystal clear for investors. Everything stems from the docs. Where do we get the info for Video content? Docs. What do we reference for social media post about the project? Docs. Where do we send users first when they have an issue? Docs. Let’s get our front line as strong as it can be.

Let’s not just gather a team here, let’s use the comments to discuss what we want to change. So, is there any part of the docs in particular you’d like to see worked out more clearly? I know the whole thing needs a facelift but trying to pick out what bothers people most gives us a chance to focus our initial efforts.

For instance, I’m looking at it right now and the “What is the point of Wonderland?” section is just word vomit when I first read it.

“Our goal is to build a policy-controlled currency system, native on the AVAX network.”…

Great, wtf does that mean? The next sentence doesn’t spell that out for me.

:hourglass:“global unit-of-account”?
:hourglass:“medium-of-exchange currency”?

Those are very pretty words. Much wow, very big. But how does that make it any easier for an every day human to understand?

The statement is saying they want time to be it’s own Dollar Bill, or Hundred Dollar Bill, whatever, it wants to be a Bill, a literal thing people exchange for goods and services, like euros. I see it’s difficult to get that point across without making the reader think they want the Value to be worth $1, because saying “I want my token to be exchanged like the dollar is” sounds a Lot like you want it to be worth a dollar, even though that’s not what you meant.

We have a strong and passionate community who I believe would love to be a part of this initiative. We are currently setting up a team to get this done with the support of @kbanna and @infinitetest - We want to grow the team and find passionate individuals who wish to share their talents with the community.

Please check out our Master Post on the forum to find different areas of this initiative that you could help out in the most. We’re working to create video content, establish a social media plan for stable presence, and beautify the website alongside this effort. We could use help in each field to make this as fast as possible and we need as much input from the community as we can get so we know all the content is what the community wants to see.


This is good, glad to know people are already working on this! However, since it seems like most of the frogs on discord cannot even understand the cookie jar analogy, you will need VERY talented people, good luck! :wink:


Haha, watching those folks fumble with their chocolate chips is what inspired me to take on this effort. I see the same issue in Abra and plan to quietly make explainer videos for them and then just leave them in a mods DMs to do with what they please.

They’re both really great products and the DeFi aspect of them makes them even more powerful and open. It’s really a benefit to the general population to learn about these kinds of financial products and how to use them. If the crypto part of it is what brings them in, I’m fine with that, as long as we have some material to teach them with while they’re here.

I bet you have some talents you could bring into the effort. If you think of something you’d like to get involved in, my door is broken so it’s always open. :wink:

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Well, I am not completely dumb and have a VERY good command of the French language! :slight_smile:
If you are ever in need of translation, my door is broken too! :wink:


And by the way, I completely agree with you, they ARE great products! :wink:

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Your way with words will Definitely come in handy, who doesn’t love French?

I do not! I am Belgian! Owwwwww, Belgium!!! :rofl:


Could we make a Flemish translation of the docs?

I agree. I don’t consider myself highly intelligent, but also not dumb. For the documentation I would need a dictionary. It’s really hard to grasp (maybe also because I am quite new to crypto world)…

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I am sure we could, but my command of Dutch (or Flemish) is not as good as French (my mother tongue is French, as you have probably figured by now) :slight_smile:


This is exactly my point. Yeah, you guys are clever, we get it. Can we just have some blurbs on the side with clear concise descriptions and real world examples? It’s accepted already we need to explain on a level with things like cookies, let’s just bring that over to the docs and make my grandma see the picture clearly.

We can do this.

Can you pick out one spot in the docs where you found yourself thinking, okay this is a new word or phrase, and had to figure out what it meant outside the docs? It’s these points we need to focus on.

It’s okay to use new words, but they need to be used in a way that the words surrounding them make it difficult to misunderstand. We can’t just use big words to save space or look smart, all the words need to have utility.

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I agree, I am a little tight on time; no pun intended, but I think the documentation could be improved.

I say this as someone is new to the project and updated examples especially concerning wrapping and staking would be appreciated.

My discord is Kalam#9400 (I just joined, but I cannot see any of the threads #faqs,#resources – It says I don’t have permisison)

I would be willing to help on this subject…

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I have little time to spare but would like to contribute.

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The better and simpler the documentation is the more we as whole can get value out from it, so I’m absolutely in favour of this proposal. Also we must find ways to force people reading it since very few do it given the questions that are common on Discord.

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I am pretty sure many people read but don’t really understand it fully. I has to watch several youtube videos that did a better job of explaining staking, minting, apy and so on…

The easier the better!

There’s no such thing as too little help to offer. I’ll reach out on discord today and keep the conversation open. We’re just getting things worked out on how to go about this, so we’ll take our time to do it right.

I can’t seem to find you in the discord. Check to make sure you’ve reacted to the rules and followed the verify-here process. I think a bot DM’s you that you have to communicate with to verify you’re a human before you’re allowed access to the discord.

Ad am FYI, docs are ready being updated by the team. Now, I woukd expect there will be room for improvement, but it seems counter productive to work on the ones that are there right now.


If at one point there is need for German doc, I might be able to help out (English teacher from Germany) :stuck_out_tongue: