[WIP #11] - Buy $SIFU Vision Tokens

Scope: This proposal is to offer the opportunity for Wonderland to invest in $SIFU Vision tokens, OTC.

Link to previous discussions: Buy $SIFU Vision Tokens & RFC: Buy $SIFU Vision Tokens

Objective: Continued benefits from management and communications by Sifu, using a smol portion of the treasury. Expectation of profits through this partnership with your founder.

Provide a High Level Overview: $SIFU Vision was created by the founder of Wonderland as a solo act, continuing the vision that I originally had for Wonderland, without the friction of conflict of interest and DAO. We currently have ~2500 holders and an active discord featuring daily communication with the team.

Provide Low Level Details: If this proposal is passed, Wonderland will purchase $25MM worth of $SIFU tokens at the current backing price. These tokens will be placed into a Sablier stream on ETH chain, to be vested linearly over 12 months. This means a portion of the tokens are unlocked and made available to sell every block, evenly, over one year.

Link to Snapshot:: https://wl-l.ink/Vote/WIP-11


My name is The Ferengi and I approve this WIP.


I fully support this wip we cannot find a better person for treasury so here i approve this wip!!!


I vote yes, but why only 25m?

I would put 50% of the treasury OR all the stables in the treasury.
I don’t think people here invested in a DAO to see stables farmings.


I am super confused, Why people still trust this guy, he scammed a lot people, his SIFU coin price is worth 0 dollars, it was a rug pull, dont trust me? check its price in every fricking platform, I vote NO

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Ser, you may not like Sifu, but his project is not and was not rug.

Also, the “scammed a lot of people” has been discussed so many times here that it should have its own forum section.


25mm is the original idea for investment in $sifu from WL, changing the number means we have to go back to RFC again which causes delay and it is a good amount to start with, 25mm will net around 530k $sifu tokens and if it works out well the DAO can vote to invest more in in the future or if we eventually have a new TM he can also make a decision to invest as well.


I too would like to see more than 25m.


I agree fully.

I think 25M is fine. at this price is more than 50% of token supply, roughly. you dont want one entity to own almost all your coins. Even if is vested and its WL. my humble opinion.


Sounds like a great idea. I fully support this. 25mm is a good amount.


$SIFU price is not 0, that’s just due to certain platforms (like e.g. coinmarketplace) not looking at the actual pools and therefore reporting an incorrect number.
If you use something like dexscreener you’ll see the correct price.


I support this message.


I VOTE YES! Fully support this WIP.


I say yes and support this WIP


People remember Wonderland for the sifu gate, It was a disaster for wonderland reputation.

Many leaved but others stayed. We are trying to rebuild wonderland reputation and reliability.

Are you really sure that the right way to do it, is by investing I what the crypto community think is a criminal?

I have a bunch of Sifu tokens because I saw him been honest and committed to his community. But that’s my gamble. I think wonderland cannot do it. I don’t think that sifu is a criminal but the crypto community does.

WL has to show that it has moved on from the person of sifu in order to regain trust.

Also, why invest in sifu tokens with wonderland?? Just Redeem a slice of your wMemo and go to buy $sifu.

Think about it: $sifu goes up of 10$

1$ I for sifu himself, it’s fee. Then we’ll have to pay Shyhoper which is another 0,5$

It’s a 15% fee on profits! And we pay skyhopper for doing nothing

I see no point in invest with WL in $sifu


Yes please. I support this

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Sky is not staying around after his term ends.
Sifu has a high watermark currently to make up for the losses in UST so he wont be taking profits for a while I believe.

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I know about the UST story. But it’ll not be like that forever. Sifu can decide to eneble the fee when he wants
Even if after Sky we will have no TM i’ll prefer to wait a month or two rather than ask to sifu

While I support $sifu to help diversify the treasury and because I think he’s a good manager, everyone should keep in mind that this investment will be mostly illiquid until it is vested. Therefore, it will impact redemptions going forward. This could have some market price impacts short term.

I also think $25mm is a good figure. Anything higher and you might as well invest directly in SifuVision. Keep in mind our treasury will likely go down after the upcoming redemption, so the $25mm will likely be a much higher allocation as a % over the course of future redemptions.


@Herve_Garcon If you want roughly 40% exposure to SV, you can do WL @70% and SV at 30%…now you have a total of roughly 40%, lol.

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