[WIP #4] - Wind down Wonderland, and give the treasury back to its holders

Yeah. They’re under maintenance

In my opinion pay back should be proportional to the market price x amount of time/Wmemo when they bought. Basically, proportional to the amount put in. Add the total capital amount of all investors, say it is 1000, and an individual investor had invested 10. Say the current treasury value is 800. The investor would get 8, instead of 10. If the treasury is 2000, investor would get 20. if the treasury is 1000, investor would get 10. In my opinion this would be the best way to part, if the decision is to dismantle.

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It is not prudent to close the project when everyone is at loss. I dont think we will get back even what we have invested in. :frowning_face: :frowning_face:
We need to move forward with the project (Dani with a new team and having Sifu removed from the project).


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Snapshot vote not just snapshot

“Users will then be able to claim each of the assets that were in the treasury in relation to the amount of wMEMO he/she has.”

More clarity would be helpful here. There needs to be a snapshot taken before it’s clear the vote is heading in this direction, otherwise new entrants will be incentivized to buy wMEMO for discounted treasury assets at the expense of longer term holders.

Please vote for this:

Proposal for a properly staffed Wonderland team w/ background checks - 1. General Discussion - Wonderland Governance Forum (wonderlandforum.xyz)

Absolutely agree with this. They seem a little too eager to end the project. If we were to end the project we should have that AND at least Dani giving his share of the treasury to the holders, since half the reason we’re in this whole situation is because he found out who Sifu was and never disclosed to us. Would be the only way to convince us this is not a very elaborate rug pull.

Manipulation at is finest. There are like 5 proposals to stop this WIP, can we coordinate to merge all of instead of posting a new proposal each hour?

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When every day new proposal comes out, the price fluctuates a lot and attracts gamblers to take advantages of the news. Should it be freezes until a final proposal is settled. The same arrangement is everywhere in the stock markets.

Back to the proposal, if it’s only to give the treasury per wMEMO back to us is not sufficient cuz Dani has already created something to ruin the treasury value. Dani should compensate the shortfall back to investors to the value we bought at that moment.

fuck your leverage :grinning:

I’d say burn treasury wMEMO, don’t inflate Dani or Sifus coins, the top 20 wallet holders get current buyback prices, and let’s try to compensate people based on their maximum NON-LEVERAGED positions since their initial buy, minis their final balance when they sold. If they bought 2 $wMEMO (or $TIME equivalent) at ATH, and they have $50K left, so be it, they get $290K. That’s what they put in. Made whole again. If the math doesn’t work out that this is a possibility, cut the return % unilaterally until it does.

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i have suggestion, rather then simply winding down the project and giving money back to the holders we can simply put a claim option and whosoever wants out of this project can do so by withdrawing at the backing price and those who want to continue with the project can help further cause the above suggestion doesnt leave any option for those who still want to stick around

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Read: https://mirror.xyz/0x8A7f7C5b556B1298a74c0e89df46Eba117A2F6c1/s7haxQQE9lhDxoBws97vsyGlrOi768xtGB-z9vLLQAw

Daniele still wants to fight. Only problem is they don’t know who to put in charge of the treasury.

The thing is we the share holders should be in charge of it, and the multi sig wallet holder should act on behave of the community.

The argument to this is our voting system is to slow in the case of a market movement we would not be able to actually capitalize on price action.

Maybe a proper way to handle this would be for Daniele to create a trading bot set to parameters voted on by the community.

I’d rather talk about way to fix the community rather than ending it.

The counter to fi


Whales would drain our treasury, they would just go buy more and keep selling it to wonderland for a profit gud ser.

If people want to sell for a loss let them, we’ll hold till we’re happy.

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What a slap in the face to everyone believing in you, Dani …


In Reality this vote should not happen at all

Whales are going to be buying right now to vote for the wind-down so they can take free arbitrage on the treasury transfer.

They will take money away from people like me who have never sold and still like the idea of a decentralized VC fund

I don’t want to see Wonderland end but can you guys for the love of God please pull the liquidity first.

Its like someone died and their ungrateful family is fighting over who gets the furniture.

liquidations are on your risk.
your requests can not be discussed in WIP.


do you read above link?
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You’re not interpreting this correctly. It’s a vote on the snapshot website …not a snapshot of holdings