[WIP #4] - Wind down Wonderland, and give the treasury back to its holders

These types of comments are not constructive Ser.

Anyone who is unhappy that buyers at this price get a potential windfall if a buyback happens at Backing per wMEMO is free to buy some wMEMO at today’s price just like the whales.

Or if you don’t want a buyout, talk constructively about how to fix this community’s leadership?

Its not but people frustrated. The owner making he seems to wont to get the 9-5 er the average joe a chance at something great! However even as last chance to support that frog…some way the merger and now this proposal seems to favor the whales…I mean come on…sooo many ways to make the vote legit and fair…but not even that…they doing it by who has more shares…Which the whales bought at all time lowes voted "Yes " to dissolve then will sale it back at double to the treasury and those previous holding…get…crickets. Sad…no fight option just sad

Yes, 100%


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Talk leadership, 5 days. THIS. Not going to happen, known, statement stands. It isn’t constructive, I made plenty of those already. This is what I said, or Dani can look at all of my previous ideas.

I proposal shows no will to fight like that just want to get away from this project as quick as possible. Its just sad…

As expected, the first people who participate in snapshot are 2 day holders. Address: 0x62b8e137ee87ab3caeb2fea3b88d04abea7c5579 (by the way,


I’m disappointed with Dani, everything is picked up by whales.

Who exactly wrote this WIP please? The tone used (that of abandonment) is contrary to Dani’s posts.

At first, I was in favor of distributing treasure to holders to start over on a healthy basis, but if this distribution is unhealthy and unfair to loyal holders, it’s not the same story anymore.

Moreover, there are no details! What about the investments already made? What about a non-linear distribution, rewarding a minimum of loyal holders (which cannot be done by voting because of the orcas who are eating the carcass)? What about Dani’s real opinion and motivation (I know the last few days have been hard, but he must not let go!)?

Frogs Friends, please take a step back and think about the situation with a clear head. Strength and honor! :fist: :frog:

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They carry the voting power, so this is obvious… laughing as they save [fuk] us. Again. And again. Fair? Do math. Not fair, well except as I said… If you’re one of them, hey, totally fair. If it isn’t content that should be here, remove that vote. This is why everything is suspect, WE DO OWN THE TREASURY, but we have no actual say. Dani said we do, he CAN fix this. Man or mouse Dani?


Why is there such a hurry to shut it down when the treasury is suppose to be making money??

Are there dodgy wallets involved?

Voting is a fraud. they bought the whales and now they want to make a profit

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$$$ makes people run real fast. Stolen $ even faster, quick let them vote while we’re running with the $ and they’re confused… Hey this seems familiar, no suits? Man, run for US political office, here are they prereqs:

Lawyer (apologies to some lawyers…maybe)
Bought (sold)

Only people with TIME can vote? I can’t vote with WMEMO

Is it possible that this proposal is being manipulated by the whales? Dani’s blog post yesterday was a completely different tone. He wanted to fight on and start fresh with a new management team. Then all of a sudden this proposal comes out with a very defeated tone. It seems to me like someone out there just wants their hands on the treasury balance. I was hoping for the project to start fresh with a new team where hopefully we could slowly recoup our investments.


I can understand your frustration at being liquidated below backing price, but you made that call. Leverage always comes with risk and you putting your ‘life savings’ in is a ridiculous decision.

[WIP#5] - the frog nation changes its handle to douche bag nation and eats a bag of dicks. Wonderland should just give the treasury to charity because they way you all act you deserve nothing but a punch in your face

Voting is a fraud. they bought the whales and now they want to make a profit

I can’t believe this proposal may pass. There are no clear details as to how the treasury is to be disbursed or if there is any care for the people who only recently left the project. This feels like a whale manipulation of whoever has the most wMemo now is who gets the treasury. Wow. What a mess. I hope others can band together to vote no on this so a more detailed proposal can be discussed instead of one shoved down our throats. Totally opportunist here. That’s a shame.


They didn’t even care to put the details in the proposal on Snapshot… Only few will be getting the funds of the many.

Manipulated, avax wonderland !worky, does with ftm, price going up on wmemo… Dani likes to talk about wmemo being pieces of cookies in a box, so yea, manipulated by whoever has more power / tokens. Same as the price, until leverage was good. Leverage came from Mars… No abra, dotted lines… Dani can prove me wrong, do what we have said. We da people. (sorry not we da frogs, dem been in da boilin pot for a bit, din notice dey ass get hot). Fuck it, like I said, this is a moral issue. Ain’t killin me on $, but ain’t my rep getting torched. I can make more money, hell this was house money anyway for me. Obviously still pissed.