[WIP #6] - Wonderland Moderator Compensation

[WIP #6] - Wonderland Moderator Compensation

Scope: Propose a compensation plan for the selected moderators and outline additional responsibilities.

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[DAO Discussion] - Wonderland Moderator Compensation

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[RFC] - Wonderland Moderator Compensation

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[WIP #6] - Wonderland Moderator Compensation

Objective: The objective of this proposal is to outline expectations, provide reasonable compensation to selected members of the moderation team and give them the tools and resources necessary to manage Wonderland’s community. The team is available 24/7 to provide support, education, community engagement and member management. A direct line of communication with the core team is requested, along with increased authorization to make changes to the server, including post announcements and relay information. This will improve communication flow to members going forward. This proposal is based on recommendations from the community at large and Daniele.

High Level Overview:

Moderators provide important services on Discord and the forum now, but it is clear that members have been dissatisfied with communications and stalled proposals for the last few months.

This proposal aims to address these issues via establishing a channel between the core team and the moderators. The moderator team will deliver weekly updates in #announcements on Discord, a pinned message in the forums, with periodic major updates on Medium.

In return for current and new responsibilities, compensation will be distributed to the Senior Moderator for team allocation. This role has discretion to adjust pay based on performance.

Provide Low Level Details:

Staff Selection:
The team members were selected from the highest role for their contributions. That list was narrowed further based on activity, helpfulness and professionalism.

All nominated parties have been with Wonderland through good and bad times while many other high ranking members went dark or quit, including the previous paid moderator team that abandoned the project.

Appoint @AliceInWonderland as Senior Moderator. This position includes the extra duties of managing and paying for server bots, communicating with the core team regularly and during any emergencies, and distributing compensation to other moderators. This role will include monitoring moderator work to maintain accountability.

The RFC contains a recent breakdown of the number of messages each team member has sent on the Wonderland Discord since each joined the server.

The number of Discord messages does not fully reflect on a person’s individual effort or time spent helping the community.

Countless DMs with one on one support, side contributions, and forum moderation are not included.

Moderators have different responsibilities to ensure the Discord and forum are operating correctly. These include technical support, education, community engagement, member management and forum maintenance. These duties are necessary for protocol health and longevity. Compensated moderators are expected to be active. Their contributions will be evaluated by the Senior Moderator who will provide accountability.

Daniele currently provides all communication of business plans, protocol status and development work when able. Gaps in information dissemination have appeared due to his busy schedule working on multiple projects, developing strategy, managing the treasury, and interviewing applicants among other things. The team want to alleviate some of this pressure by being the source of protocol communications as needed.

Authorization is requested to:

  • Post announcements
  • Hold AMAs
  • Create a holder only channel
  • Move proposals through governance when applicable
  • Make reasonable changes or updates to the server as needed
  • Organize the forum

The General Discussion includes a short description of some of the responsibilities mentioned.

After considering all feedback received during the previous stages of the governance process, the following compensation is proposed:

A lump sum payment of 25 000 MIM monthly to be distributed to the whole team by the Senior Moderator.

Initial distribution will result in 3 000 MIM per moderator and 4 000 MIM for the Senior moderator for the month.

The initial proposal suggested compensation entirely in MIM to ensure no wMEMO needed to be sold to cover life expenses. Some members of the community proposed to have part of the compensation in wMEMO to incentivize protocol success. The RFC was written to reflect that change.

Discussion in the RFC stage presented concerns about wMEMO compensation should the price greatly appreciate.

It is believed that the initial compensation structure is the best option for this reason. The Senior Moderator will hold the team accountable via periodic review.

The presented compensation plan can be reviewed at any time by the DAO if the terms are no longer favorable.

Business and/or technical requirements of the implementation of the proposal:

Implementing this proposal requires:

  • Publication of the team wallet address used to deploy moderator compensation.
  • Implementation of regular dialogue between the Senior Moderator and a member of the core team to ensure information flow.
  • A direct line of communication with a member of the core team in case of emergency.
  • Access for the Senior Moderator to Wonderland social media platforms to ensure information can be communicated in conjunction with Discord.
  • Increased permission level in Discord for the team to add/delete channels and make announcements.
  • Moderator access to the forum for the team.
  • Admin access for @AliceInWonderland and @NalX to organize the forum.

Changes can be made to this framework at any time through governance.


So I repeat my formerly made suggestion: Set aside 3 M $ in stable coins added to a robust protocol gaining 10+% on stables. So we can pay $25k/month out of interest w/o reducing value of treasury.


Well ideally the treasury makes a return in any case so rather than setting aside 3 mill which can no longer be used for other purposes or to seek higher yields, the treasury should probably benefit more if we just make the most out of it and pay the mods from the overal returns.

This affects such a miniscule proportion of the treasury that it almost doesn’t warrant taking any special action to segregate funds etc. We should just treat it as operational expenses, which is what it is.


I agree that the compensation is operational expenses, but the principle of feeding this through low risk investment is sound, thereby giving some guarantee of the sustainability of this.


So we all lose nearly everything we invested. And the ones who stuck it out and supported the project are now paying people to babysit children fighting in the discord? Fuck that!

Close the discord and make regular project announcements via a website or reddit.


I feel that the moderators have all earned this with all the time and effort they have been involved with thus far. I believe it will create a healthier environment for communication and facts that we need to be a successful DAO. I also like the idea of a holders only channel.


Thanks for putting this together. I wonder what happened with the plan to review this after 3 or 6 months and adjust where necessary? Also can we have an agreed set of KPIs by which the success of the team’s progress can be measured? I’m not sure “Changes can be made to this framework at any time through governance.” is strong enough.

Apologies if this was already mentioned or discussed elsewhere, I think it is important though that the main post contains clearly defined scope duration at least for the first period especially since those individuals responsible for moving proposals through governance will be the individuals potentially affected by them, it just avoids any issues with conflicts of interest later on to at least set a fixed date on the first review (even if we adjust the frequency of reviews later on).

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that’s a great idea, lets get this put in place team

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This proposal should be brought up in 2023… No one should be getting paid before investors.
Tagging a bot and muting people in a chat room isn’t a $3000 a month job. Some of these mods think they do gods work, and its slightly amusing


Well said- 3000 a month should call for more effort than sitting in one’s living room, drinking beer I’ve paid for, and gazing at their computer once in a while. Some people have no shame when it comes to lining their own pockets.


Great idea. I support. That. :+1:t3:

Ok, this could work but…
You are putting a side 3M$… with those funds you could pay our moderators for 10 years
It’s better to keep that 3M in the treasury and let them quadruple in 10 years

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Wonderland investors have lost tons on money, and that’s is heartbreaking.

But we need a structure in order to keep this Dao alive. I hope we have learned what happened if you let 1B$ in few unknown hands…

Moderators have spent hours to keep the Dao informed and positive, extinguish FUD, help the developers, be in the shit storm when everyone wanted to rage quit. That was a disgusting job.

We can talk if 25k/month it’s too much or we need to pay them in a different way. But their time has to be rewarded in some way. No one it’s here for charity

It’s a fee to keep the Dao clean, while builders and TM work

Even a website or a subreddit need moderators, we would pay them anyway.

This are loyal and tested moderators, I think there is no doubt that we want them in our Dao


We didn’t think the 3-6 months was required. Plus we, you, anyone can bring anything up at anytime if change are required.

As for the KPIs, figured we should consult with the community to see what kind of metric they would like and what is reasonable and implementable. One example would be a ticket bot for support request. Would make it easier to track the help provided helping in Discord vs message count. The forum has stats, so increasing engament on there would make sense.

These are the type of things that we can implement for Alice to track without the need for a full on vote imo.

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Allocating 3M on anything requires a lot more discussions than the purpose of this proposal.

If your concern is reducing the treasury value, it would take 10 years at this rate to reduce the treasury of how much you want to set aside right away.

Good idea, but not the proposal to execute that.


Still not on board with this proposal. I can get behind paying them with wmemo but a salary of stables in unnecessary. I can’t see myself and others voting for this unless we make that change

I see that Wonderland mods are also on Sifu’s channel.
Sifu did great as a Treasury Manager, and I think Wonderland owes him to pay for the mods to work for him. So I’m going to vote Yes. Mods will be financially free with a lot of money (because 3k per month is a lot), and I’ll be safe in Sifu’s server knowing that the wonderland mods are working for us.

For me, yes!!

wMemo is a token that represent a share of the treasure. If you pay them in wMemo you are giving them a share of the treasure. Giving them wMemo is the same as be paid with the treasury’s mim. They would be paid with 25k/month in wMemo at backing

But what happened if memo is 2 times backing price? Are you willing to pay them double because of this?

Are you willing to have them sell the token continuously? Or it’s better to have them buy wMemo because they want to invest in their project?

I see no positive argument to be pay in wMemo

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I’d suggest taking into consideration the other part of the proposal that would be beneficial for the project. The type of compensation can always be revised.

@AliasMB covered the main reason why we went back to MIM only. Having wMEMO would also increase our part of the revenue share, which we did not believe is fair.

Agreed. It’s not worth paying 25k per month for this babysitting. Announcements are enough. Better pay someone to write more educational content. We don’t even have a TM, I mean WTF why is this being discussed…