Wonderland is evolving. We need to do a better job of communicating that internally and externally

Based on his Tweets, Daniele is rethinking how Wonderland works. I think it’s the right moment to change how Wonderland is perceived. We need to distance ourselves from other OHMs, and highlight features aside from the high APY. I think today shows that while the calculator and high APY attract startup money, that startup money means nothing if it disappears in a single day.

So I’ve been thinking about a few things:

Official statements need to be made sooner. Love Daniele, but cryptic tweets only cause confusion. Press releases and PR contacts can get more press around Wonderland investments.

A forum with an ongoing, upvoted set of Q&As for investors.
There’s too much chaos on Discord, and it’s nearly impossible to find past Q&As. Need a forum with questions and up/down votes. You can count on the community to upvote the right questions.

Updated documentation
When changes are made, documentation must be updated immediately. The idea that you can directly buy wMemo, or how to wrap MEMO, isn’t that easy to understand just yet.

Stretch idea
A community newsletter. The main idea here is just to convey a sense of community and energy.

Website design
The site is extremely minimal, which is okay in some ways, but it’s so minimal you feel like you’ve landed on a personal blog or a Blogger site. There’s nothing wrong with the name and logo, but investors need to see a website that looks real. It’s superficial, but perception makes a huge difference. This forum should be easier to find too!

Get rid of the lambo calculator
It’s funny, but also encourages wishful thinking. Maybe keep the calculator but remove the link, and put in a calculator that explains what happens if the price or APY falls down, or the Treasury drops.

A few different areas can be addressed with paid or volunteer resources. Normally I don’t believe in unpaid work, but since my money is invested in this, I have some vested interest in the project’s success. I’m sure others feel the same way.

Then after that, t-shirts and theme songs.

Edit: We need a public roadmap too.


Thank you for preparing this.

I completely agree. We have a great CFO and CSO who are true visionaries. We now need a great Marketing Head and team to support. This will help Wonderland in so many ways so that Sifu and Daniele don’t have to keep answering redundant noobie questions and can focus on their key strengths.

Might be worth finding and hiring a reputable Marketing person to lead the team and take our communication to the next level. It might also be worth looking into creating our own YouTube channel where we can direct all new and existing investors who want to learn exactly how revolutionary Wonderland is and will be. There are already so many great videos/animations on YouTube done by different channels. We just need to consolidate and update our community every time something new is happening with simple to understand content.

I am invested and have been since the beginning. I love the vision and I’m confident with the right marketing we can reach a much wider audience. I’m ready to support and work on this as I’m truly passionate about the project… and you know what they say, when you love what you do, you don’t work a day in your life :frog::tophat:


I’m 100% on board with the idea of forming a community outreach and education plan. I’m excited by this project and see a lot of potential. I’m sure I’m one of many who also sees a lot of confusion from folks coming in because of sparkling apy but neglect to digest the available material to understand their investment, or as OP mentioned, not having readily available documentation to learn about certain facets of the project in the first place.

I want to first start off by proposing that no one participating in this process be paid or rewarded financially for their efforts or productions, beyond their ROI increasing alongside the rest of the frog nation as a result of a well oiled machine. Yes, that means many will benefit from the work of the few, but if you think that’s a problem personally, then it’s likely in everyone’s best interest that you just sat back for the ride anyway.

We need better documentation? Let’s post up some asks in the discord channels for designers and writers who are willing to contribute to the efforts, we whip something up, and submit it to team members and devs for consideration.

We need Video Instructions for how to do some things. This is not a question. Many people just aren’t readers, they need to watch a video, hear a voice, see the process happening in front of them to follow. This should be fairly easy, but my life has been in film so part of me is yearning to make a series of videos that aren’t just “hey click here and type here” but be themed, comical, and downright glorious. Just a fun experience to watch. I would love to dive in a chat with a few creative folks to brainstorm how to do that and propose it to the devs / team for the go ahead / input. To be clear, all production costs should be handled by those doing each aspect of the productions, not by the treasury.

I agree the website needs a bit of polishing, I also don’t like the lambo part and to be completely frank I think it is contradictory to the mentality of this project in the first place. It would probably be more clever to calculate how many X Cars/Boats you could get to generate More Money from by renting them out. That’s already too long and specific to be funny, but you get my point. This isn’t “Crypto Bro” stuff, at least it doesn’t appear that way to me. I think they’re doing work on the website now so I want to reserve any judgement on how it could be better until I see what they change.

I think it would be beneficial to have a discord channel Specifically for marketing and outreach conversation, so we can share images for proofing, as well as scripting and ideas. I mentioned a few times before but I should reiterate how important it is for us to be sure that whatever we do we run it by team / devs for input and confirmation because there are many things we don’t understand, we don’t know is in the pipeline, or things that are about to be cut - we need to avoid spreading Any kind of miscommunication.

I’m very excited by this project and I can’t wait to see it change the face of finance. I’d be honored and lucky to have the opportunity to help it grow in any way I can. Not just because it grows my investment, but because this is an exciting new adventure in the world and I could never pass up one of those.


I completely agree, especially on the page, the lambos thing is funny but it takes away from the seriousness.


Exactly, even those of us who are avid members have a hard time keeping up with all the changes. So much change and not enough awareness coupled with price in free fall equals FUD and panic selling. Not to mention the Treasury not doing what’s it’s sole purpose of existence is, buybacks to uphold the backing price. That gives a bad look, like Snowbank. Millions of dollars were liquidated because people thought it was ok to leverage as long as their price was under the backing which wasn’t the case. I’ve been in the project for months and watched my investment shrink by over 50% and I’ve averaged down 3 times since my initial investment when the price was 8k. We need a clear roadmap because right now we are all over the place with tons of hopium.


DEFINITELY agree. I appreciate that Dani and Sifu are quick to make changes, but the lack of, and fractured communication is beyond ridiculous and needs to change. They complain about FUD, but don’t realize that their unclear and lack of communication directly attributes to it. I’m incredibly bullish on Frog Nation, but a technical writer and community manager needs to be hired ASAP.


Oh yeah a community manager is a great call. Just also need a PR/marketing person to make sure the news makes it to crypto new sites. I saw that the bsgg deal was written about – and it aggregated to coinstats. OHM and the ponzi narrative is unfortunate. Partnerships, deals, launch dates need to be what people talk about.

So yeah, an internal communicator and an external communicator = confidence


Agree on this one! We should be more ‘professionally’ organised/displayed.
We’re a VC/SPAC, not another shitcoin. We should be represented by company branding, not only by persons.
Lot of yesterdays confusing should be addressed and communicated better in the future.
We do not only want to attract the seasoned crypto-investor, by organising/facilitating everything better we also attract more investors, gain confidence and grow to a true community driven environment.

I’m a manager/developer professionally, would love to help in any way I can


This. This is the issue. People call him the Elon Musk of DeFi, but they still take his Tweets for prophecies.

Anyway… All of what you said there is required. Most of it are things we have been told multiple time, for a long time now, “the team is working on it”. Hopefully, with everything going on right now they will actually get it done.


The Lambo calculator is imperative to the success of Wonderland, without it the platform will fail.

I think you’re being sarcastic?

That calculator seems like it created groups – those who expected APY to take them to four Lambos in 300 days and panic sold yesterday, or over-confident investors already picking out their Lambos who leveraged themselves into a death spiral. The VC-type investments should be enough to attract new investors.

Clear communication is necessary. I no longer know what Wonderland is. I’d image most responsible people have enough plans and commitments in a day to not have enough disposable hours to spend down the rabbit hole, sifting through twitter and discord diarrhea streams. Real life exists outside the screen. Financial security should allow people to enjoy freedom from the screen. I am no longer sure how to even participate in Wonderland. I used to mint, I used to stake and I used to lose money because TIME just kept trending down. And despite that Wonderland was still predictable and felt somewhat safe and secure because it was clear what it is. Now it is not clear at all. What is app.wonderland.money for? To link to sushiswap? I honestly don’t know what to make of it. Do I just buy wMEMO and hodl? Should I just revert back to converting my librarian wage to ETH and stacking satoshis? Wonderland (fore me) was the reason to exchange CeFi for DeFi and explore the new tech first hand. Yesterday this new tech let a lot of people down and showed us that we’re nothing but a pack of cards.


I’ve read the thread and replies.
I agree it’s very similar to my thread “Frog Nation Eduction to prevent liquidation”
It’s so great to see the community come up with ideas and be so invested to shape this opportunity to what it could be.

Already proud to be a frog!

I feel like communication is definitely my one “complaint.” I would like for there to be more clarity and communication and definitely agree they could use a person and/or team to field questions, create guides, and get publicity going. I don’t think it would be too much of a stretch to add to the website simple instructions and “for entertainment purposes only” on the Lambo calc (I like it too, even though I know it’s not serious.) The whitepaper is definitely out of date, and I think I only know what’s going on because I just lurk in the Discord all day every day, haha.
I appreciate you bringing the topic up so clearly, and hope that Dani and Sifu take it to heart.

I agree. There was an RFC for communication strategies, but there hasn’t been any voting yet. Communication must be done clearly and in an orderly manner. People should realize that FUD costs so much money, and it’s the second time this has happened (14 dec, 17 january). If we want to be a VC, it’s essential to invest in how we communicate our value, treasury, and operations.
RFC: [RFC] Marketing strategies, Branding, Social Media - #85 by Glorpchop


I so agree. There needs to be clear communications and somewhere to ask questions and get help. I have Wmemo and am so confused. It doesn’t look like I get any rebases. Is there something I am
Suppose to do? I thought I could just leave it alone, but I read about people claiming it?


Connect this forum interface with the official website and fix it, turn it into an actual social network for the organisation, or something lookalike for assisting in participation in the DAO = added value

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I threw together a presentation on some of the website stuff, since there are other, better proposals about social media and PR. I’m not a website expert but I hope this starts some ideas.

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A couple of ideas (short versions, deeper explanation below):

  • Stop diluition. Average investor mindset is here for the APY and see your XXX asset increase overtime, not wMEMO. As much as I like wMEMO, you need to think about this to not hit the iceberg in front of you.
  • Stop investing in the companies. Stop going for a VC model, ffs. Psychologically, this also creates new confusions around new tokens and new airdrops (it has been already too confusing to think about SPELL, sSPELL, ICE, TIME, MEMO…guys, come on).
    You don’t have the expertise to pick and choose a good trading card company and a betting crypto company which is the key aspect to being an ‘above the average VC’ (see deeper explanation below)


  • Start distributing the ‘juice’ of Wonderland: the returns you generate through your excellent financial strategies. You are GREAT at this. Let’s stick to it.

Longer versions of the previous points:

As much as I appreciate your team and what you have created so far I think you have made so serious wrong assumptions about the TIME/wMEMO.
Stopping dilution while it is rational, it is not understood by the ‘average’ investor in the project. And to be fair, you need to stick to your current investors’ mindset a bit longer, no matter how good the strategy is. I think people are in Wonderland because they see their TIME token increase across time. It feels ‘good’ to see your assets growing. It has been highlighted many times in comments and even during last Daniele’s AMA by some enthusiastic supporters. Personally, I don’t care and I trust you 100% on this but I am trying to play the devil’s advocate here.
You have been switching too fast to a BTC/classic model in crypto which is: you hold the asset and you check the price going up and down. That’s not the deal that put investors’ money into Wonderland. All the DAO are doing this and perform really poorly (Metaverse Pro, Olympus, Jade…and you). You are all doing the same mistake because you are honestly acting too rationally. Degens are not rational and you should know this better than anyone else.

What you have been ‘selling’ is something else and to be fair you should stick to this and SLOWLY change the ‘rhythm’. I understand what you might say: ‘well, it’s time to move on with a less speculative mindset on this investment’ but I think you’re pulling the strings too fast.
Given this investor mindset, stopping dilution I think (and I might be wrong) will cause a drop in the APY which is going to further badly impact the price.

‘Frog Nation’ is cool but let’s be clear: people are into this to make money. So let’s make us some money RIGHT NOW. It has been said that on the UST-MIM leverage on Abracadabra you make $100,000 a day. Get that money and give it back to wMEMO holders on a monthly basis. Simple concept to get through investors’ minds and it increases the confidence in the project.
I agree with Andre Cronje: stop fucking doing XXX things. DAO should have one purpose only. Do not invest in potential companies, manage the DAO like a pure market-based hedge fund/ETF. Use financial strategies, leverages, trade returns, Iron Bank, Anchor, investments in good crypto projects (eg. FTM). You are good at this, you are not experts on card business or betting companies. You are not Elon Musk or Bernard Arnault. You are Wall Street guys in the crypto spaces. There is nothing wrong with being very good at ONE thing. You are not product guys at large. You are excellent financial strategists and financial-product people. Do not try to be someone who you are not.

Final thoughts:
Do not stop dilution. Stop the VC ideas. Start distributing returns from your financial tactics (like the UST-MIM leverage on Abracadabra) or at very least, start to talk about it so the ‘average’ degen can get how you make MONEY. We are for the MONEY, not some trading cards or metaverse gaming with a failure rate of 99%.

Let’s go.

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We are moving forward with launching a YouTube channel to give existing investors, and potential investors a “one stop shop” for news and information. We have a team lead, digital content creator, and someone familiar with SEO currently. If you would like to get involved please email us at wonderlandcryptonews@gmail.com

Our hope is to show Daniele, Sifu and the Dev team the value of an organized PR and marketing arm for the clear release of news and applicable documentation relevant to that news. This will give the face of “one team one voice” and mitigate FUD in the community.

Our end game would be all information released would be vetted through this team to ensure a clear message.

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