[RFC] Marketing strategies, Branding, Social Media

this if anything. like lets definately have a super clear idea of what we need exactly before we hire some marketing exec thats gonna be like “i need 20 million for 10 more people for your vague goals”

No all the information about the project is not in the docs. Things are changing constantly and the docs are not updated with the latest info. It wouldn’t be hard to update the docs, but it takes time and someone should be responsible for that.

Expecting all users/investors to scroll through a Discord to search for answers to questions they might have is not coherent with rendering information accessible to a wide audience. Additionally, there’s fewer than 10% of holders of Memo who are currently in the Discord; evidently, not everyone knows to go there, nor should they expect that this is where they should find official information about a project. Discord is great for announcements, conversations or back and forth real time discussions, but it’s far from an effective way to search for legit information, especially considering the amount of wrong info being shared in there.

Right, so this was one of several options I was seeing and something I was asking the OP their thoughts on. That said, no you don’t need 200 people in 2 call centers across the globe. For the sake of clarifying the actual needs, I’ll do some quick napkin math for you; 1 CS agent should be able to handle 100-120 chat contacts per work day (8 hour shift at 80% occupancy rate), by allowing up to 3 simultaneous conversations with an average handle time of 10 minutes each. (this would be about 4000-5000 unique conversations per month). Assuming you wanted full 24/7 coverage, you would need about 7 people (in order to cover for planned absences). If you wanted to cover more than one language, it’s doable, you can find CS agents who can speak 4 languages relatively easily, though costs will go up for this specification. So in an optimistic scenario, your 7 agents could handle up to 35000 contacts per month, which I would wager is more than sufficient for now, though scaling could always be possible if at all necessary.

The whole point of hiring a team is that the information being communicated is accurate, unlike what you will find littering YouTube or even Discord until a Cheshire Cat or Time Cop intervenes. They would need to be supplied the information they can share, but these routines are not complicated to put in place. It’s possible to tell a user that you will get back to them with the answer to their question as soon as you can, close the conversation and email them answers at a later date.

An easy enough routine to put in place is a 15-30 min daily conference call with a representative from Wonderland (could be anyone who can speak with authority on a broad enough range of topics). The CS team runs through the most common questions they are getting that they are unable to answer (Usually this is the Team Lead or Supervisor who will aggregate the common questions by reviewing the tickets logged by their team). Get the answers they can give back to the community, and document it in a shared space so if their colleagues encounter this question again, they will have the latest info.

Yes, he is, and you think this is the best use of his time? I would only agree that it lends credibility to the platform that the treasurer is involved with the community, but I would definitely argue that him not needing to answer simple questions day in and day out is probably a beneficial outcome. Maybe he enjoys this, but considering the questions I see him answering, I tend to doubt that this is the most enjoyable part of his day.

Building a proper strategy around this takes time. It’s not like there’s going to be an agreement to go forward with a marketing plan and the very next day you’re going to see Wonderland ads all over your mobile games. It could be months before a real solid communications and marketing strategy would be developed and deployed.

It’s true that we haven’t produced much yet, but there are big milestones coming up and it would be relevant to have effective planning in place to have the greatest impact with the messaging around these announcements. This can be as simple as picking the right date/time to make the announcement, being aware of the crypto ecosystem - will our message be drowned out by other big events happening at this time, are there any recent trends we should capitalize on to ensure these communications are shared to an even wider audience.

These are small ways that a marketing team can make your brand rise above the rest. Other common examples are strategically leaking information before an announcement, or working with influencers to test their new products. There’s much more thought process that goes into this than the layman gives them credit for.


@isthatlowfat we have waay more than 10-120 people who’d want to talk or chat a day with sifu already…just on the discord. which as you pointed out only has like 10% of the ppl participating in wonderland. wonderland is one of the biggest DAOs in existance so itd be a little redicuoulus to think there wouldnt be at least chats in the 5–6 digits per day if we only include wonderland participants. now if you include all the tom dick and harrys that say are thinking of participating in wonderland, you have to at least 1.5x the number of chats per day. and youd want to have more available ppl than inquiries otherwise having a chat option will look very bad. i mean it seems like you really want to write some random CM a blank check for 7-8 figures to do a vision board of what Wonderland could be so i doubt im going to change your mind. I mean yes could wonderland be more easy to follow? yes of course. all of DeFi could be. but then again new, constantly developing systems are always going to need constant updates and announcements but like why hold the entire community’s hand? I’m just looking around at other, highly functioning projects and see very little of what you’re describing. with the exception of a roadmap which im pretty sure the projects all make themselves. Everyday Marketing using a marketing company—> JADE PROTOCOL/SNOWDOG/RING they all had “very professional looking marketing” and they all were big scams. im sorry im so pessimistic about this topic but this is why.

Yes I agree here, would like some more clarity on topics listed. Would love to see it broken down into branding, website, marketing campaigns, etc as their own groups with more details. Would like to first set a solid foundation on topics listed such as a logo and website before marketing campaigns or twitter strategies are considered.

I’m not fully with the idea to have a marketing team. I believe the community is more powerful. May be personal bias but more obvious marketing campaigns have never enticed me. In the crypto sphere I think the community can speak volumes more than a marketing campaign can. However, I would definitely be on board if the overall community thinks it’s necessary but this RFC is too broad for me currently.

Also interested in hearing out any ideas on educational content that is needed. With the wMEMO transition (and as of today the capped supply) now making it more streamlined I think lots of confusion will be cleared up heading forwards. There’s already tons of guides we’ve linked out to new members on getting funds to the defi from a CEX or even as specific to ‘How to stake on Wonderland from Binance.’ Would love to make some guides myself but not sure what’s needed.

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Hiring a communications team needs to be a priority yesteryear, as Wonderland’s communications are a mess. People shouldn’t need to download discord or twitter to get the latest updates - information on the DAO should be immediately accessible from the website. I also don’t care to sift through all this twitter drama with other DAOs. Just give me clear and concise weekly updates about what’s going on with my money and projects. I’ve worked in too many start ups that try not to have this organized corporate image and it just never ends well. We can definitely do 1000x better.


We definitely need this. It’s crazy that a project this size and this successful doesn’t have any form of marketing or Community manager. I think for this project to get to the next level we need to start educating new users and updating the existing user base with information on the status of this project and things to look forward to. This is 100% necessary if we want this project to be successful long-term.

I believe this would be a good move to cement existing investors and draw in new investors.
It is also an opportunity to repair the reputational damages being expeirenced currently due to the liquidation event.

On-boarding via easy step by step guides, tutorials, and FAQs to access in a central point rather than having to scroll through thousands of threads on either Discord or Twitter to piece together the overall picture would really help. I also proposed a Education levelling system to help draw more people in and provide a self sustaining feedback loop within the community.

This recent liquidation event clearly shows people need educating about what the Wonderland road map, an easy interface to work with and guides on how to utilise the best potential as well as avoid panic selling or snowball effects.


Can we please move forward with this. It is clearly something the community believes we need(and we really do). What is is going to take to get this implemented?

The RFC was told a month ago it was too broad. People have just been beating a dead horse.

Pasting this into a more active thread - Re: the need for a WONDERLAND COMMUNICATIONS DIRECTOR

This should be a TOP priority for us at this stage. Imo we have the ideal nominee already.

Twitter user @thedefiedge https://twitter.com/thedefiedge has been making amazing threads that have gone a long way in stopping FUD dead in it’s tracks but also giving a clear and thorough explanation of directives and why they’re important.

The same person has been doing a killer job on Reddit under username u/The_Happy_Hatter. His threads consistently are the most read, commented and upvoted for how well they explain what’s happening.

They’ve expressed interest in the position

"That sounds like a dream!

• Access to the team for direct information
• A small budget to hire professional designers / editors / video creators.

Give me that and I could really help the project out. "

Their threads have been retweeted by Sifu and Daniele as well as many of the Wonderland influencers. This is clearly a passion AND skill. We should absolutely hire them.


I agree with this. I am having issues connecting on discord and there is no support anywhere. I had the same problem with another project and it took 2 mins to fix the issue. Why because there was a person. Telegram is an announcement channel only why don’t we have a channel where members interact?

Telegram was shutdown because it got overrun by scammers and bots I believe. Unfortunately, the project is growling faster than the mod team can handle right now.

I think this is an EXCELLENT idea! Thank so much for presenting this! I think all the items and their proposals @malagacity cited are valid. Wonderland has a huge war chest and this would go a long way to promote and get the word out.

The vast majority of posts I see are people that are uneducated about basic things to do with this protocol. ‘How do I wrap?’, what is wMEMO?, etc. less opacity and greater clarity about the vision and roadmap the team is working on is paramount to the success of Wonderland. People aping in will only last for so long and then fade away.

Great suggestions and I hope @danielesesta and team quickly move forward on!


We have a team of Wonderland investors who are currently working on a YouTube channel, educational videos for existing and potential investors as well as a website. The team currently consists of the following professionals

Team Lead
Digital Content Creator Lead
Web Design UX Lead
Legal for review of press releases
Content Writer
SEO Professional

Our hope is to build a turn key product to offer to the Wonderland project. As Wonderland investors we believe in the project enough to donate our time and skills. Once it is up and running we are happy to hand it off to the Wonderland team or if Dani, Sifu and the DAO feel it is of value to retain us in a more full time capacity we welcome that conversation.

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Love the suggestions.

I’ve actually created a proposal which could support the delivery of these objectives, through leveraging community expertise and building a truly decentralised community.


As I mentioned we have a team assembled of Wonderland investors and currently hard at work building something for the project. We are happy to help with all marketing and PR as we believe in the project we however would need to have the support of Dani, Sifu and the DAO so we can ensure a clear release of news from the core team.

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If my proposal was supported, it would formalise an engagement structure between the community and Sifu, Daniele and the core team. This would form part of the ongoing governance structure of the project, and would help ensure initiatives such as yours had direct input / engagement from the core team

I want to preface this by saying this comment is not FUD. It does, however, highlight a risk that is neither mentioned in the request for comment/proposal, nor, as far as I can see, in the comments. I think any proposal needs to evaluate risks in addition to benefits for it to be meaningfully evaluated and for all considering it to do so in a fully informed way. Again, not FUD, but we need to consider all possibilities before making decisions, not just the potential positive outcomes.

While I understand the value proposition of high quality, prominent marketing and communications work, I think it raises legal concerns. The shift into the VC or SPAC space without registrations, filings, or licenses to do that in jurisdictions in which Wonderland participants reside exposes Wonderland to legal risk. Marketing heightens that risk by making the project more prominent. Sometimes flying under the radar is advantageous. Being shut down by the SEC or other equivalent agencies because our marketing to grow the ecoystem was so good they couldn’t help but notice Wonderland would not be an optimal outcome. It could result in loss of many participant funds.

All this is just to say: before we move forward with making ourselves better known with better comms services, we should weigh the anticipated benefits against risks that come with prominence and the potential benefit of remaining a best kept open secret.

Food for thought!


@Thegreasemachine any chance you could take a look at my proposal and offer your feedback….it’s somewhat related to some of the points you make so would be keen for your thoughts. Maybe needs to be specific about frequency of engagement with core team (so they aren’t inundated / on unnecessarily frequent chats)


Lots of wisdom here.