I think it’s a great idea, but it shouldn’t matter if you hold wMEMO, stake TIME or deposited it as collateral on Abracadabra Money

Yes, we have put incentives for loyal holders that keep their money staked for to support stability.

Also I believe that we need to introduce a mechanism to avoid advantages of dump & pump deals because it ruins the value of wMemo.

As leaders already know most important is to allocate part of treasury into projects that are useful & profitable. Then transfer a part of the profit to long term holders of wMemo.

Via DAO we need to allocate most of bright minds across all wMemo holders to find concrete answers & solutions for the above.

We need sustainability for our inverments & change the world via DAO for better life of involved members (not only).

Daniele is announcing that he is buying back wMEMO to burn it, my proposal is that he doesn’t burn it and instead share it among $wMemo holders, a massive airdrop would be a unique action that would attract the attention of the whole market, and would make the #FrogNation happy.


You don’t want stability you want growth. The conversation should be around how to incentivize new money coming into Wonderland. The Airdrops would have to be very valuable and expensive to keep people around. One bad Airdrop and bye bye. If people want to decide to lock up an investment “vesting” then reward that it would be better than having some rule that applies to investors holdings built into the code.

it’s a good idea but I think it should be developed better and take the best of all the comments to structure something concrete

So what exactly is happening with the airdrops. I see a message just posted in Telegram and discord. I assume its only holders that get it but then they say the snapshot is taken from Jan 10th before the massive drop. Is this a sly way of " Repay all liquidations under backing price!" when it was voted no on?

Do we know what the breakdown is?

Dude, the rebases are meaningless. Every time someone writes that we’re making money back on rebases I wanna take a gun to my head. All the “rebases” are doing ks breaking up the exact same wmemo you are holding until the memo/time is worth a tiny fraction of the same exact stock (wmemo) youre holding. The formula is (current time/memo price)x(4.5)x(index). You do that fornula day after day, week after week your result will equal wmemo price. Forget about the time/memo price and focus on wmemo. I absolutely disagree with you that we’re being rewarded enough. The ones who are being rewarded and not the holders but the people who are daytrading and sidestepping. Once you understand that, we can discuss what measures are needed to prevent gaming this system.

Let the whales swing trade, the treasury is making a killing off it. Somebody do the math but Id wager the liquidity pool profits are more than enough to pay for the trickled buybacks

I agree, and also have a minimum staking time like 5 months so that once the sale of the first 5 months has passed, you will have new users registered afterwards and every month only some will be able to liquidate …

If you do decide are drops, you need to be careful of big companies or Vulture capitalists coming in and buying lots of WMEMO to just get airdrops for a year to then dump everything causing another liquidation spiral. This needs to be thought out thoroughly with safeguards for example: A limit on how much can be sold daily of your total portfolio. But even that could annoy people as you don’t have full access to your funds :frowning:

I usually prefer to read through whole thread but I wanted to post from a loyal view of life first. That is simple is good. The APY is fantastic. When we understand this we benefit from the long term. For myself the culture of over regulation does not resonate. This maybe premature ideology nevertheless I wish we could work/walk towards as frog nation. Discover.

I hold the above view based that Wonderland Memo/Time will increase in value over time. That the current $ does not translate to fair value. That Dani & Sifu work will turn the price back along with the marketplace change. That we are in early days. (In at high.)

Less is more. Stay focused on vision mission. Make current better stronger. Steady and gradual. Focused not reactive.

Maybe you should read the whole thread. It would give you a better understanding of how the APY and memo accumulation isn’t doing anything for you. We need revenue share and that’s the only thing that will increase the wmemo price(which is what you should be focused on, not memo/time).

I read afterward and after much reflection still hold the same view for ongoing less regulation is more. There is another discussion on this platform that Touched on Airdrop for those who got in early paid higher prices and or held long time up until now vs those getting in now. That Airdrop idea is something I resonate with to equalise for those who came in early and paid $$ who the rebase won’t make up for. It is covered here Reward Diamond Hands with wMEMO Airdrop - #11 by adamg6284 Some propose to alleviate the situation with “Burn” but I am not into that idea either. Let me know your thoughts on the link.

LOL it is yourself and more specific and defined to this last two months situation.

I agree the liquidate wmemo would provide incentives for holders but also stabilized the market for loans. Also the rewards can be time based instead of disbursed all at once. To prevent everyone selling at the same time. Also could prioritize those that have held longer.

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Based on this he is saying you have to hold the coin for a duration of time, so one snapshot and another one at another time to see if you’re airdrop hunting. We are all airdrop hunters if we get airdrops for staying loyal that’s good. Or we can just do revenue share.

For the best interest of everyone in the group we should ask for background check to anyone occupying a managing position.
The size of the treasure, Wonderland should hire a professional team to run it.

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At this point where we find ourselves, dissolving Wonderland is a mistake and would do more harm than good for everyone.
I think that Wonderland has been successful in creating a considerable enough treasure and it is time that we help the project to hire capable and reliable people to take it to another level.
The Danielle strategy is well planned, we should collectively support it to continue growing.
We could help by educating other people on how to manage risks and what is a Defi ecosystem, this should help to grow and make this project more stable at this point.